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Model Ana Nello is Following her True Passion as a Musician

2020 was a year, unlike any other. Across the world, everybody faced a whole heap of problems due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many lost their jobs, saw loved ones fall ill to this terrible disease, and others were stuck at home for the majority of the year. Nonetheless, it changed everyday life as we once knew it. In the midst of all the bad in the world, Ana Nello decided it was time to pursue something new and give her fans something to be joyful about. Ana Nello is known for being an Instagram model and social media influencer with over 1 million followers and counting on the platform. But now, she is shifting her focus to becoming a full-time musician and DJ.

Growing up in Miami, Florida, Ana found music to be more than just a pastime or a hobby. She loved to sing along to songs and always used music as a coping mechanism during tough times. Now Ana can express those feelings through her music. The newly turned musician began making music in 2019, but only last year did she finally make her debut on professional streaming platforms.

Ana Nello is signed and managed by Rumor Records and Dillon Shamoun; together, they have Miami’s music scene on watch. Ana’s first three debut singles were a huge success. Her first release, “Basement,” was promoted heavily on Instagram, and the song took off on TikTok.

Ana Nello ended 2020 on a very high note and hopes to continue her momentum any way she can into 2021. The Miami native believes that consistency is vital when it comes to releasing music, and she has a song release planned for each month of the new year. Many thought she couldn’t do it but with her connections and her passion and talent for the art form no way she’d fail. And Ana Nello is proving just that.

Keep up to date with Ana Nello on Instagram here.

Check out Ana Nello’s music on Spotify here.

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