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Senior Proves That Art Is Our Only Escape From This World

SeniorA famous Edgar Degas quote says, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” This must be relatable to aspiring artists worldwide; true wisdom is to be found here. People are inclined to react to art, be it positively or negatively. But it undeniably provides a pathway to a different world and takes one’s mind off everyday life, doesn’t it?

From an artist’s point of view, it provokes some questions like ‘How do you convey your reality to others?’, ‘How will you grow your style?’, or ‘How do you channel your inspiration’? For the up-and-coming artist Senior, musician in hip-hop and R&B, pulling things from everyday life and writing about his life’s journey seems to be the recipe for success.

But Senior aka James William Awad thinks that, for the listener, good music should serve as a gateway to discovering new experiences and feeling inspired. Escapism is deeply rooted in contemporary art, and more people seem to acknowledge this without even knowing it. The most recent example of this can be found in staying at home more in the past few years. Senior believes that no one likes feeling trapped, and the only gateway many people could find to keep in touch with the world is through consuming content.

Senior, musician to his core, strongly believes in creating relatable music, where his fans can find solace and go through his stories with him. However, it is on the artist’s shoulders to create art that can provide the audience with a complete experience. Honing the skills to do so is indeed a never-ending cycle. James William Awad aka Senior said, “Sharing a message is easy, but sharing a clear message and understanding is the part that I am working on.”

But staying consistent is key. Regardless of the quality of work an artist produces, the constant desire to improve pushes art forward. Thus, the craft is perfected, and more art is created. One can’t move forward without the other; an artist must make art to master the skills necessary for success. James Brown, one of the greatest artists of all time, has played over 300 live shows. This staggering information just shows how artists are committed to their dreams.

For musicians, each song tells its own story and takes the listener into the mind of its creator. The massive production we’re facing today comes from people wanting to relate and connect to their idols. As many musicians have proven over the years, maintaining this cycle can be challenging. On the other hand, the fans and general audience enjoy the process more than the artists, as they watch an artist grow and produce more exciting pieces every time.

Consistency is not a problem for Senior, though. He has wholeheartedly promised his fans one album every year. According to James William Awad (Senior), musicians creating art can be viewed as a natural process, where overall progress can’t be stopped. This is generally good news for his fans, who enjoy his new music that will undoubtedly take them on an emotional rollercoaster.

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