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Who is Mike Graham?

Michael Graham of Nashua New Hampshire has been gaining a lot of attention on the largest social media platform, Instagram. Surpassing 2 billion active users last quarter, Instagram is slated to add another 500 million users in 2023 alone, according to Meta.

Mr. Graham was gracious enough to invite us into his home after inquiring for a private sit-down. Tucked away in an historic mill building turned luxury suites in downtown Nashua NH, sits a large corner unit that Mike, and his boyfriend Devyn lease together. Heated underground garages, special key fobs for building access, and facial recognition cameras covering every square inch, you would have thought I was trying to get into the Pentagon. Inside the building, on my walk to their suite, was a movie theater, putting green room for golfers, a library, a good-sized gym, and a billiards room. Walking into Mike Graham’s suite, it was large, open, with big, tall windows. There had to be at least 16 of them all together. Plants were sat perfectly on a built-in ledge at each window as the sun effortlessly shined in on them. A small personal putting green ran down their wide hallway.

As Mike’s boyfriend Devyn put together some fresh coffee and cinnamon rolls, I noticed a few of the military certificates and documents framed on the wall of which he was clearly proud. According to Michael Graham, he was in the US Army for 8 years honorably, and contracted for federal agencies such as the Federal Protective Service, the US Air Force, and the US Space Force. Upon leaving, I happened to also notice a letter from a former president framed on his wall thanking Mr. Graham for his dedication and sacrifice to our country. Mike spoke more about his love and commitment he had for his followers and producing quality content for them, than he did with what appears to be some incredible accomplishments due to his service to our country. Sounds more like passion to me.

Mike spends his days producing new content for his thousands of followers on Instagram, while his boyfriend works a part time job at a local greenhouse, owned by one of their friends. Mike explained how he enjoys the production and editing side of content creating, and sometimes even prefers it. “Putting the video together and being able to watch the final product is so much fun for myself. I’m literally in the middle of putting together a show right now called “Fried Vs Tapped”, and just setting it up, networking, marketing, it’s all purely amazing. I learn something new every day from this entire process and build my product and brand stronger from that.”

Tap into Mike and his Instagram here.

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