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Mike Alba Inspires His Audience

Mike Alba is a talented, driven, and hardworking entrepreneur that is based out of Buffalo, New York. Mike has grown up in a traditional lifestyle, having gone to college, graduated with debt, took the first job he could to make ends meet, and then feeling stuck in that career for many years. He found the courage to take a huge leap of faith and follow his dreams which has now led him to unmatched success. Mike’s greatest success thus far has been building an incredibly successful business with a done for you model with incredible support teams and infrastructure. These aspects were the main drivers that enabled him to create something amazing for himself and his clients. He is now successful with his business Innovative Ecom which is a trusted partner in the Ecommerce world.

Mike helps and manages clients’ businesses and in most cases,helps clients work out of a particular financial situation or even more reach a specific goal they have set. In five years, he sees himself still running Innovative Ecom and believes he will have more of an overseeing role within the company. With their years of experience, knowledge and resources, they have packed these aspects into their “done with you” coaching in their flagship models of Amazon FBA and Youtube Automation. He hopes that they will be able to spin off a few additional innovative lines and expand their reach to clients to allow them to do it themselves or with the team’s help. The goal is to change aspiring entrepreneurs’ lives by giving the tools and blueprint, to build, scale, and manage a business.

Mike is not shy with helping others succeed. He wants to help his clients as well as young entrepreneurs working to make it to where he is. He believes the best way to become a successful entrepreneur is having commitment, support, patience, and willingness to accept failure and grow from all lessons learned from failure. He advises young entrepreneurs to jump into whatever you truly care about. Do not overthink things and make more challenges for yourself. It’s important to believe in yourself and never look back once you take your leap of faith. Mike also wants his audience to know that to make it to the top you need to set goals and each day create a small win that is a step toward reaching that goal. Every small win helps build into a bigger one and keeps you focused on reaching that ultimate goal. Mike is proof that it is never too late to chase your dreamsand anything is possible if you truly put your mind to it.

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