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Bridger Pennington Is Changing The Investment Fund Industry

Bridger Pennington is democratizing the investment fund industry. Growing up in Sandy, Utah, Bridger Pennington always intuitively knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He started over 6 different business ventures while in college alone. While at school, a mentor directed Bridger Pennington to learn to learn the world of the super wealthy. The advice that Bridger Pennington received altered the direction of his life. Bridger Pennington was introduced to the world of funding.

At the age of 22, Bridger Pennington started his very first investment fund. In a few short years, Bridger Pennington had launched multiple funds and scaled those funds to a combined value of over $10 million. Through his experience, Bridger Pennington was exposed to much of the corruption in the investment fund industry. Traditionally, hedge funds or private equity is reserved for the Wall Street Elite. Only people from Ivy League schools and 20+ years of experience could break into this world. He felt in his heart that he needed to change the game.

Bridger Pennington embarked on his next business venture, Investment Fund Secrets. Investment Fund Secrets is an educational company that teaches people how to start, launch, and scale investment funds (private equity, venture capital, real estate funds, debt funds, and hedge funds). If you are an entrepreneur trying to raise capital or pool capital together, Investment Fund Secrets is the place for you.

Investment Fund Secrets has done $10 million in sales, helping over 16,000 students learn about funds, and start or scale their own funds. Investment Fund Secrets has helped a handful of students raise hundreds of millions for their funds, and a plethora of students raise $10+ million for their funds. Investment Fund Secrets teaches time-tested strategies and techniques that will flourish no matter the economic environment.

In addition to Investment Fund Secrets, Bridger Pennington also has a crypto hedge fund, The Ugly Unicorn Fund. The Ugly Unicorn Fund raises capital from investors and invests that capital into crypto assets. The Ugly Unicorn Fund takes a risk-mitigated approach to crypto, which allows them to maximize the upside while minimizing the downside. Currently, they are focusing on raising $100 million for their fund.

An immense amount of gratitude is brought to Bridger Pennington’s heart when he sees the success of his students. Bridger Pennington prides himself on giving back so he focuses on dropping a wealth of knowledge daily on his Instagram for motivated entrepreneurs. In the future, Bridger Pennington intends to scale Investment Fund Sectors in order to impact as many entrepreneurs as possible. He has a personal goal for himself of running a billion-dollar fund within the next 5 years. If you are interested in learning how to start and scale your own fund be sure to check out, as well as Bridger Pennington’s 100% free online course.

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