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From In The Ring To Behind The Scenes, Meet Kendrick Miree

Kendrick Miree is founder and executive producer to one of the hottest new reality game shows, Box To The Beat. Miree has an extensive background in college wrestling, amatuer boxing, professional mixed martial arts, professional kickboxing, coaching, real estate investing, and serves as owner of KM Fitness LLC.

Box To The Beat isn’t just your regular everyday game show. Miree’s new phenomenon makes the sport of boxing more inviting and decreases how scary the professional sport can sometimes look. Kendrick Miree created something fun for everyone to do without the risk of losing brain cells.


With boxing seeing a resurgence in popularity, Miree picked the perfect time to create Box To The Beat. Thanks to young, up-and-coming boxers such as Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney, and Gervontae Davis, the sport ranks higher on the Harris Poll than ever before just behind football, baseball, and basketball. Kendrick Miree took boxing and turned it into an artform when creating Box To The Beat. One of the glamor aspects of the sport has always been the flashy mitt work, allowing people to show off their unique boxing skills. What Miree has done with his game show was turning a craze into a unique concept of competition such as other shows like Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, and even Wild N Out. By 2023, Miree plans to go on tour with the show, traveling to every major city in the United States showcasing the best coaches and boxer duos from all around the world.

Kendrick Miree believes the first step to a successful entrepreneurial journey is to first believe in yourself and to value every second on Earth. However, staying successful on that journey is a perfect blend of staying confident in yourself and your abilities, constantly educating yourself, taking action, and always finding ways to network with like minded individuals. Miree’s strong connection to his family and faith in God almighty is responsible for helping him achieve the success he has today and is his inspiration to keep going.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kendrick Miree, his path to success, or how you can audition for Box To The Beat, follow him on social media here and check out the official Box To The Beat website here.

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