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Devon Walden Is Making Money Work

At the young age of 15, Devon Walden was on his own pursuing his self-made lifestyle.  His mom and stepdad had passed away forcing him into a life of being self-sufficient. Immediately he had a game plan to save up 30k.  Devon Walden found multiple streams of income in order to reach his goal which ultimately led to his first property investment in Indiana. Even from a young age his hustle is unmatched, out working everyone his age to eventually building his own company, Prodigious Fellows. He started in property management and wholesaling where he would find properties for others. Consistently doing his homework and trying to satisfy his hunger to learn about real estate investing, he figured out how to utilize business capital to buy properties by himself. This was a turning point for Devon Walden, where he learned a tool that would forever change his strategy form working harder to working smarter.

In Devon Walden’s first year of real estate, he successfully acquired 7 doors on his own, started an ATM business, started a property management business, started a vending machine business, and helped people fix credit, get personal loans and business funding.  The success is not all Devon Walden gets out of his hard work; he also finds it most rewording to see his how appreciative people are after he fixes up a run-down property. Furthermore, he finds its rewarding that his tenants and renters enjoy his beautiful Airbnb’s. He is a true carnosaur of his craft and his passion only grows greater every day.

Devon Walden’s company, Prodigious Fellows, buys run-down properties and flips them into beautiful properties for long term rentals and short-term Airbnb rentals. Additionally, Prodigious Fellows is involved with ATMs and Vending Machines. His knowledge in this area has only become a weapon to finish building his future for Prodigious Fellows. To take advantage of what Devon Walden and Prodigious Fellows has to offer, look at Prodigious Fellows. Additionally, follow Devon Walden on Instagram.

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