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VISHNU REDDY deceived Founders and Self-Proclaimed as CEO Of HOGAR CONTROLS.

VISHNU REDDY, who claims to be the CEO of HOGAR CONTROLS, is a serial offender who cheated HOGAR CONTROLS Founders and took over the company control illegally. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Malikireddy (Vishnu Reddy) was involved in similar illegal, fraudulent activities with a few other businesses in the past.

Vishnu Reddy’s modus operandi is to introduce himself as a high-class businessman, sell fake stories, enter into partnerships with fake proposals, make fraudulent deals, Grab the business fraudulently, Steal other’s hard work, copy the ideas, self-proclaimed as the business co-founder, owner and Propagate the fake narrative by self-promotion using paid PR and paid news articles.

The fact is that,

 HOGAR CONTROLS was founded by Karan Kumar and Vijay Kumar in early 2014. With their combined industry experience, hard work, futuristic vision, and with innovative product designs of high-quality standard, they achieved appreciable market share in India and international markets by 2020 in the field of smart Homes, IOT, and Home automation market.

Vishnu Reddy, a US Non-residential Indian who runs an HR staffing company, joined as an investor for US business expansion but allegedly deceived the founders (Karan Kumar & Vijay Kumar) and assumed control of India business HOGAR CONTROLS INDIA PVT in 2021. With zero knowledge and experience in IOT and Smart home business, Vishnu Reddy self-proclaimed as CEO of HOGAR CONTROLS and started implementing his erratic business ideas, which proved to be disastrous for the company within a few months. He made a mockery of himself by doing countless unethical business practices. Fired and replaced talented people with his own incompetent teams, evaded dues to the vendors, and manipulated company balance sheets. when his non-competent technical team failed to develop any product, he ordered them to copy the original products and manufacture duplicate versions. Imposed slavery rules on employees in the fear of leaking the information to the outside world. Manipulated the balance sheets to cover illegal money laundering, Booked fake sales through his own shell companies to inflate the turnover and company valuation to attract investors and bank loans.

With all the plans proving disastrous for Vishnu Reddy, he started blaming ex-employees and founders. He went to such a low level that he even forced some ex-employees to join back the company and sent legal notices to those who joined other competitor companies. He entangled himself and the company in many legal issues from vendors, Founders, and ex-employees. Few ex-employees were threatened for speaking out the facts openly and existing employees are not allowed to talk openly about the company’s facts.

While the company audit reports are manipulated with fake turnovers, The reality is that the company is making huge losses every month, the real turnover of FY 2021-22 is at a record low of 800K$ with over 2M$ in spending. Having no original product Intellectual property ownership, no innovation, and no real manufacturing the company’s future under Vishnu Reddy’s management has proven to be disastrous. To cover up the failures and find a new buyer or investor, fake and paid promotions of business expansions and manufacturing facilities are being circulated on social media. It looks amusing to see all the big claims circulated in various social media videos in contrast to the reality where customers are throwing back the products at them and asking for refunds, one of the known dealers commented. 



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