Discover These Free Tools for Web Developers Found Online

With over 1.8 billion websites today, how do you make yours stand out and attract visitors? It’s safe to presume that people like seeing a beautifully designed website over a plain and simple one. Yet, the process that goes into developing web apps is not easy. It is tricky and involves complicated and time-consuming activities like managing servers and debugging errors. This is where website developer tools come in handy.

Wonder which ones can help you complete the whole devs process effortlessly and fast? With numerous options online, we easily get confused about which is ideal. Lucky you, here are the best tools for web developers that likely satisfy your needs. Check the list below and let us know – did we miss something?


GitHub is first on the list of recommended web developing tools. In essence, Github is an open-source repository hosting platform that helps developers to control, track, and manage changes to a code. The service has multiple distinctive features, including flexible project management tools, branches, social networks, codespaces, mobile support, etc. Although GitHub is generally free, you will have to subscribe to one of its paid plans to access extra features like codespaces and advanced auditing.


  • You can use GitHub to work on projects of all sizes, and it is also a brilliant tool for web workflows and publishing your work.
  • GitHub pages allow you to begin using the platform immediately without worrying about setting up DNS or hosting.
  • The service allows you to develop a work backup rather than saving the code on a desktop or a corporate server.


  • Some features on GitHub are locked behind a SaaS paywall, which can add up fast, especially when you have a big team.
  • You need to have command-line knowledge and experience to use the platform effectively.


Marvel is one of the best web developing software for creating mockups and organizing a project’s data. With Marvel, it’s possible to produce and refine an interface according to your preference and create prototypes. The platform has a user testing feature that allows you to gather feedback from your target audience and stakeholders as they utilize the prototype.


  • Marvel’s design capabilities are flexible since the platform is compatible with YouTube, Jira, and Dropbox.
  • Marvel has hundreds of ready-made templates that you can easily use to develop wireframes for popular gadget types.
  • It has a handoff option that enables you to translate prototypes into CSS.
  • The platform has an easy-to-use interface that you can navigate without much hassle.


  • Marvel cannot work offline as it requires a stable internet connection.
  • The free plan comes with a few features and limits you to a single project.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is another free web development tool that you will find online. It can assist you in coding a website from scratch while allowing you to keep CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code in a unified file. Sublime Text color-codes various tags and attributes for simpler editing and reading.


  • The tool has a lot of functionalities like a command palette, Python API, multiple selections, split editing, and more.
  • Being a cross-platform UI, Sublime Text can run on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows and even look similar for every system.
  • The tool’s minimap is helpful when it comes to editing lengthy code, as it can display the code’s density and shape to users.


  • Despite being free, Sublime Text constantly displays pop-ups that prompt you to buy or upgrade to the paid version.
  • As a user, you cannot index files because you risk slowing down the performance of the code editor.

Toolel is undoubtedly one of the most useful one-stop-shop tools for web development, given that it features a wide-ranging set of free online tools for various coding tasks. It supports multiple coding languages, so it’s perfect for software development, web development, content management, and more.


  • Toolel lets you make public notes, and discuss complicated coding issues and the tools ideal for specific situations.
  • It includes multiple digital tools to make it easier to complete various tasks.
  • It’s free, meaning you can use all the available features without paying a dime.
  • It is without ads


  • The tool is relatively new. Therefore, some users may experience challenges navigating it in the beginning.


Bootstrap is a framework for creating mobile-first, responsive websites. It includes different CSS, HTML, and JavaScript-based scripts which assist in streamlining the process of creating a site from the ground up. It makes Bootstrap one of the preferred website development tools for beginners as it can save you lots of time from manually coding design components.


  • You can modify Bootstrap with built-in variables, SaaS files, CSS variables, and color systems, thanks to its customizable nature.
  • Another thing that makes Bootstrap one of the best tools for web development is its dozens of responsive interface options with multiple easy-style customizations.
  • Let you create websites for both mobile and desktop without building two different sites.


  • The software doesn’t have extensive components, so its websites look homogenous.
  • Whereas Bootstrap lets you easily create responsive sites, it generates big files. This slows down the loading times and drains the battery.


Tools for web developers make your work easier and more efficient. From enabling you to complete many tasks simultaneously to supporting different languages, translating prototypes, customizing your designs, etc., these tools will meet your expectations. However, some options are only partially free since they require you to subscribe to their paid plans to access advanced features. For example, working with Toolel, or other entirely free solutions lets you use all of its features at no cost, making it one of the ideal tools for web development available.

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