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Boundless Inspiration: Sara Benhabbari’s Marathon Journey Unites Community

Unstoppable, undefeatable, unforgettable. Those are words best used to describe Sara Benhabbari, one of Morroco’s most influential influencers.

An avid sports enthusiast, this 33-year-old from Mohammedia and Digital Project Manager in a pan-African digital agency proves once again the dedication that she holds for physical activity knows no bounds.

Although she possesses many passions in life, such as surfing, hiking, and traveling, she has a special place in her heart for running – a clear passion that shines through her social media feed. No matter where she is, she makes time to move and get her heart rate up, finding peace within the challenge that is this sport.

Her enthusiasm for marathon running led her to build the community that she has today. Sharing her journey, she says, “I am a Moroccan influencer with over 117,000 followers, living in Mohammedia. Active on Facebook at first by organizing running outings, I decided to surf a little on the real social network Instagram and launch sports challenges, and that’s how it all started.”

She continues with the following, “I am a sport, lifestyle, and travel influencer. I developed my community as I went along. I have always loved creating content, taking pictures, and publishing on social networks. One day, I got into the game of posting more regularly on Instagram. The number of followers climbed and today, what I want is for people to really follow me because they love what I do and who I am.”

Coming to the realization that she could use her platform to advocate for what she believes in, she founded her own organization to support runners throughout the country. Called Moroccan Marathon Runners, she started this endeavor to unite her community through wellness.

“ […] Moroccan Marathon Runners is an organization that aims to create sports events and programs (Running) and to share information,” she explains in more detail.

After these past two years, building a support group is more important than ever before.

“I founded the association “Moroccan Marathon Runners” in 2016, it is a non-profit association. The idea is to organize running programs between friends, family, or couples to encourage people to practice this discipline,” Sara adds.

There are always two sides to the same coin. As disruptive as it was, the pandemic also left gasps for innovation to occur; new ways of coming together as one in unity to deal with the cuts it left behind. To Benhabbari, her dedication to uplift others led her to the road of success, even through the most trying of times.

Connecting people together is what fuels her drive and work ethic. Leading by example, she encourages her followers to push their limits and proves that with the right mindset there is no such thing as impossible.

Training during the Ramdan, she shares the significance of this month to her, stating that it has always been the month to challenge herself and that it is the perfect occasion to start on the right foot.

“For many fasters, this is the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start, set goals to achieve by agreeing to provide more effort. The practice of sport is one of these challenges,” she wrote in a recent post promoting her #MoveYourBody social media campaign.

To learn more about Moroccan Marathon Runners and see Sara Benhabbri’s incredible journey, take a look at her Instagram page today!

About Sara Benhabbari

Sara Benhabbari is a Digital Project Manager in a pan-African digital agency and holds a master’s degree in marketing and business intelligence in 2013 from the Faculty of Legal, Economic, and Social Sciences. From Mohammedia Morocco, she is present on social media, with over 100,000 followers and is the founder of the organization “Moroccan Marathon Runners”, as well as an avid runner, surfer, and animal lover.

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