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How Can You Increase The Audience Engagement?

How can you increase the Audience Engagement

For a while, the effectiveness of social media use for businesses was measured by the number of followers. These and other absolute indicators expressed the “power” of the account. The more users subscribe to community or channel updates, the better. But at a certain point, the question was asked: “What is the use of a huge subscriber base?”

Many do not understand why some bloggers buy Instagram followers and consider it a waste. In this article, we will try to understand why the audience size really affects your account statistics.

Only with the help of this factor will we really be able to check how interesting our account is to the audience, whether it reads it, and whether it is generally alive.

How engagement is counted

The formula, where we take about the last 20 posts (for the last month), count all likes, comments, saves, reposts, divide by 20 (the number of posts, find the arithmetic mean) and divide by the number of subscribers. Then we multiply by 100 and get the engagement percentage.

Engagement rate = 2-3%

There are different target actions that are taken into account when calculating engagement:

  • likes;
  • comments;
  • conservation;
  • reposts;

They can be counted separately or together depending on the goals. Of course, you need a large audience to get all this. For this, you can sometimes buy real Instagram followers to contribute to the future.

Interestingly, sometimes the number of saves can be more than the number of likes, and this is the norm. It happens that the user is ready to perform only 1 action with your post. And thanks for that, as they say.

So how can you increase engagement?

  1. Voting

Ask subscribers for their opinion, ask questions that will immediately contain answer options. Polls can be arranged both in posts and in stories.

  1. Gamification

People come to social media primarily to relax and unwind. Therefore, once again, instead of selling something or loading something with information, invite your audience to play a game.

  1. Equivalent exchange

Offer your audience useful information or materials. This kind of content should contain value for which the subscriber will not be sorry to take some action.

The most important thing is to write the title in the title of the post, if it is possible to sign directly on the photo, it will be even better. The title should be as specific as possible: Pancake Recipe, Best Comedy Selection (Top 10 Best Comedies of the Year), etc.

If you make a selection and give the reader a benefit, your post will definitely be saved. If only to read it later, if this topic is really interesting to your audience.

  1. Provocation

A provocative post that will offend your subscribers and they want to give their opinion. Politics, which is better: iPhone or Android. Touch on topics on which the audience will have exactly different points of view, so that there is more motivation to discuss.

  1. Challenge

This is some kind of viral action that subscribers want to do. For example: take a photo with your product / your product in the park, mark an account and put a hashtag.

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