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Tips to Beat the Writer’s Block From FireGhostWriter

There is nothing more annoying for writers than being in writer’s block especially if they are in the middle of a project or if they are expected to start a new one soon. writer’s block is the moment when a writer is having a hard time producing a new piece or is not in their usual creative and productive pace. It includes the inability to focus, mental fog, lack of inspiration, stress, and feelings of frustration. But while it is inevitable, it doesn’t mean that it is unresolvable. In his article, FireGhostWriter provides a comprehensive overview of what writer’s block is, its causes, and tips on how to overcome it.

Causes of Writer’s Block

FireGhostWriter referred to Jeff Goins and enumerated the top three common reasons why writers experience writer’s block. Such reasons include timing, fear, and perfectionism. Timing involves the feeling of being hungover from a previous project or having other priorities as of the moment aside from writing. Fear entails the people-pleasing issue where you overthink what the readers will feel about your work. Perfectionism is the desire for everything to fall into place first before starting to write. Aside from these three, FireGhostWriter also added another cause which is circumstances in a writer’s personal life. Such circumstances may include a physical illness, depression, breakups, loss of a loved one, or financial problems. FireGhostWriter also mentioned that it is important for writers to acknowledge the reality of writer’s block and accept that these moments are part of the process. However, it is also important to persevere and help yourself out of this pit.

Tip #1: Take a break

Writing immediately after a previous project or writing non-stop can deplete a writer’s source of creativity and eventually lead to writer’s block. Therefore, FireGhostWriter advises his readers to take “breaks” and have a change of environment to give the mind and the spirit the space it needs to breathe. Such “breaks” can be in the form of a walk, a weekend getaway, a time with nature, or bonding with other people. It is important that after your “break”, you are already refreshed and renewed.

Tip #2: Eliminate Distractions

Multitasking is a skill relevant nowadays but not all writers work productively while having the need to put bits and pieces of their attention to multiple things. According to FireGhostWriter, eliminating “distractions” involves removing clutter in the environment, taking time away from social media, and setting aside other errands to focus solely on writing.

Tip #3: Look for inspiration and start brainstorming

Since writer’s block is practically the lack of creative juices, recovering from it involves the pursuit of inspiration and motivation to write again. Looking for inspiration may be in the form of exposing oneself to resources related to the topic of your choice, and starting conversations with wise and knowledgeable people. Upon gathering all the inspirational facts and advice, then is the time to start brainstorming for the project you wish to start.

Tip #4: Pamper yourself

FireGhostWriter pointed out that one of the best times to write is when you feel good. He mentioned ways on how to pamper oneself while in writer’s block like meditating, exercising, taking a nap, eating good food, and even drinking coffee. Moreover, he reminded the readers that “bad” days are normal and the key to welcoming the “good” days again is to actually make yourself feel good by doing things that make you happy.

Tip #5: Just Write!

This may be the bluntest tip but according to FireGhostWriter, this is also the most effective. Besides, what other way to start writing again than to actually write, right? Oops, that’s not a riddle but if you had a hard time reading that, it’s because this tip is also the hardest to follow. How can you write if your problem is that you can’t write in the first place? Well, FireGhostWriter advises the readers that the thing to do in this tip is to just let your words and ideas be free without any restrictions. Continue to write about “nonsense” until you finally get back on track and be in your senses again. 

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