Shiba Inu Extend Industry Reach, As Demand for Big Eyes Coin and Chiliz Doubles

Shiba Inu, one of the leading meme cryptocurrencies, reportedly has the most whale activity this year, despite the crypto market crash and uncertainties triggering market volatility. Shiba Inu’s strength depends on its community, and this has been the case for many other meme cryptocurrencies.

Big Eyes Coin, another meme cryptocurrency, is set to take over the crypto space and provide more value to crypto enthusiasts and traders who may have lost their holdings while trading some liquidated crypto assets this year.

Chiliz boats as one of the trendsetters so far. Its market value continues to hit new highs regardless of the market’s trend. In this article, you may want to know more about Chiliz, and other cryptocurrencies and why they could be worth a buy.

Shiba Inu industry reach an excellent move to power meme tokens over the bull season

In a letter sent to the Binance staff over the failing FTX ecosystem, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao iterated on the need to continue building quality products instead of focusing on getting liquidity. The liquidity may fail, but the products your token could power will keep it relevant regardless of the market trend.

Shiba Inu is one of the leading meme tokens to power an expansive ecosystem of DeFi products and services. It is good for its community, who only hold and wait for the perfect crypto season to make waves.

Shiba Inu has one of the largest standing crypto communities and will undoubtedly recover to its all-time high when the market bullish rises again. The issue of FTX has only made things a bit slower for its holders.

Chiliz demand soars

Like Shiba Inu, Chiliz is powered by a community of sports enthusiasts and fans. Also called the Socios token, Chiliz has been in high demand following recent events in the sports world—the upcoming World Cup, the friendly football matches, and the second phase of the football season.

Fans all over the world want to get a taste of the Chiliz market to enable them to bet on their favorite sports icon. The football world, known to be the largest, continues to make Chiliz a favorite destination for football enthusiasts. The same can be said about Basketball and NFT enthusiasts who collect sports collectibles.

Big Eyes Coin in high demand following the potential launch


While many DeFi projects are on hold over low liquidity and falling crypto prices, Big Eyes Coin—a meme cryptocurrency powered by its community—is already secured a CEX listing.

Big Eyes, the ecosystem behind Big Eyes Coin, has been making huge returns over presale. At the time of writing, it has raised more than $11 million in private seed sales and could be hitting new landmarks soon enough.

Its high demand could be attached to Big Eyes Coin’s community, and many crypto enthusiasts are excited about what they might offer when they join the Big Eyes ecosystem after buying the meme token. If you like this project, you can win free tokens with this promo code BCUTE935. Happy trading!

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