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Capitalising on the Explosive Growth of Meme Coins: Interview with CIO of Speedy, Gonzales Spidorius


The crypto world witnessed the meteoric rise of meme coins in the first quarter of 2024: an astonishing average return of 1,312.6% was brought by the top 10 meme coins by market cap. The standout performers, such as BRETT with a staggering 7,727.6% surge and the viral sensation dogwifhat (WIF) with a 2,721.2% increase, provoked massive agiotage – that even Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin pronounced the potential for these playful projects to contribute positively to the ecosystem. However, the inherent volatility of meme coins remains a significant concern, as evidenced by a recent Solana meme coin pre-sale debacle.

To address the growing demand for meme coin projects that can harness the power of speed and efficiency while providing stability, solutions like Speedy have emerged. The project aims to position itself as a leading meme coin, leveraging the most technologically advanced blockchain to date – Fantom, with transaction processing times under 2 seconds. Speedy also places a strong emphasis on stability and long-term growth: the project’s innovative tokenomics model is designed to incentivize long-term holding and discourage excessive speculation, contributing to the overall sustainability of the ecosystem. Thus, Speedy offers investors to capitalize on the opportunities within the meme coin ecosystem, while benefiting from the speed, stability, and community-driven approach that traditional cryptocurrency projects embody.

Today, I had a chance to ask the CIO Speedy, Gonzales Spidorius, a few burning questions:

  1. How does Speedy differentiate itself from other meme coins in terms of marketing strategy and community engagement?

Speedy is now the dominant coin on the Fantom chain because it has been built from the ground up based on a strong community principle and organic growth. Only a few meme coins have followed this path, attracting other communities, alpha groups and real KOL’s as the building blocks of the project. A healthy community will result in a healthy project on any market. So, the best strategy for Speedy is to keep building, keep pushing, keep consolidating the community and its amazing culture.

  1. Can you explain the security measures Speedy Meme Coin has implemented to protect investors and ensure the integrity of the project?

The biggest investors in Speedy are the community. We don’t protect a few, we protect the whole. Besides a full time, super skilled dedicated to the cause team, all the natural security measures have been taken from the start: from multisig wallets to anti whale mechanisms to protect the community, locked liquidity and overall transparency. This is the way! 

  1. How does Speedy Meme Coin’s tokenomics model address issues like inflation and token supply, ensuring long-term value for investors?

90% of the total funds are locked in LP, 5% are airdropped to the sGOAT meme foundation community and 5% are used for CEX and outreach. Besides this, Speedy is bound to test new horizons of engagement and gamification. Speedy never stops. 

  1. What partnerships or collaborations has Speedy Meme Coin established, and how do these relationships contribute to the project’s growth and credibility?

Speedy right now is everywhere. There’s no single KOL or Alpha groupt that hasn’t heard about the fastest dog on the fastest chain.  From Crypto Banter to Davinci Jeremie, from Debita finance to DeBank, our long term partners understood that our  meme is so much more than a coin, it is a cultural catalyst meant to boost a 360 revolution on Fantom. And this is only the beginning. 

  1. How does Speedy Meme Coin plan to expand its ecosystem and create additional use cases for its token beyond speculative trading?

What has started as the first incubated meme coin on the GOAT Foundation – the first meme foundation on Web3, has instantly grown into a cultural hyper core. We are now exploring socialFi features on different levels to boost social engagement. Everything will be build to benefit the community’s growth. We are testing the waters on both socialFi field and igaming. Our labs are working 24/7. You’ll love it!

Off course speculative trading exists, but a close community understands the value we bring and they will just HODL until Speedy goes beyond anyone has dreamed of.

  1. Can you discuss any potential risks or challenges that Speedy Meme Coin may face and how the team plans to address them?

First of all, the team is in a non-stop building mode and faces risks and overcome challenges on a day to day basis. The biggest challenge a meme coin has to survive is patience and long term trust. For example, $PEPE was sitting for two weeks on a $10m market cap and had to go through a lot of community fud, even if the team was always there , always working and delivering. Look at it now. Of course, there will always be technical challenges, from hacks to scams, but with education and strong communication everything can turn into an immense opportunity.  

  1. How does Speedy Meme Coin plan to foster a strong and supportive community, and what initiatives are in place to encourage active participation and collaboration among its members?

At first the community requires trust. We’ve offered this trust by  having a strong team working from day one on strategic partnership, real marketing execution and yes, beautiful art. Step two is building new features on the socialfi realm, unique irl events, alpha groups, dev teams and new unique added segments in the Speedy ecosystem. 

  1. How does Speedy Meme Coin plan to stay agile and adapt to the rapidly changing meme coin landscape, ensuring its continued relevance and success?

Speedy has never meant to be only a meme coin. The project itself is a catalyst to bring the meme culture into the Fantom chain. Ad a “little bit” of speed with the new Sonic update that is now the-best-in-class with 2000 transactions per second and ridiculously low fees and you’ll have the perfect realm to build and succeed. As aforementioned, new tools will be added, new features will be unveiled. And remember, we move fast, very fast! 

  1. Can you share any upcoming events, airdrops, or promotions related to Speedy Meme Coin that potential investors should be aware of?

We’ve just finished the Dubai 2049 party and the 5% airdrop to all sGOAT stakers. We’ll be present at every event worth mentioning. 

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