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Aliaksandr Zakharau Reveals His Innovative Project for Combating Credit Debt

Credit Debt

Aliaksandr Zakharau is a distinguished professional in information technology and finance. He has fused the two worlds in numerous applications, giving him the edge in those fields. Using his strong analytical skills and interdisciplinary knowledge, he has created a fintech app to help consumers settle credit debt and become financially literate.

A Master in Merging Technology and Finance

Zakharau attended the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, where he received a Bachelor of Economics in Electronic Business. He enrolled at Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, where he concentrated on a Master of Science in Finance and Accounting.

During his academic progression, Aliaksandr participated in numerous competitions and clubs to channel his programming and financial expertise into real-world applications. He was a financial analyst for Suffolk University’s peer leadership council, wherein he accurately identified incompetencies in event and student expenses and initiated a program to reduce the costs by 15%.

In the Suffolk Finance and Investing Club, Aliaksandr worked as a senior analyst for the Tremont Fund’s 200,000 USD portfolio. Here, he designed a financial analysis tool with three distinct Python libraries. One of his most significant accomplishments was leveraging public company data to build valuation models and earn a 6% ROI. Moreover, he was a spokesman, collaborating with an e-board and other club members to deliver a pitch to an audience encompassing 30 individuals.

Under the CFA Institute Research Challenge, he was an equity research analyst. This challenge provided a hands-on opportunity for students to gain rigorous financial analysis and professional ethics training. It offered a chance for Aliaksandr to create scripts using the Python programming language to gauge 500,000 target prices with probability techniques. He quickly scrutinized his data to visualize it using automation and simulation programs, achieving 80% accuracy for his efforts.

As a result, the report based on his analysis was selected for the Boston Finals, where his team presented it to investment experts. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with top financial students, mentors, and experts.

His journey through the two universities has helped him distinguish his specialty in the fintech realm: an economist programmer. His chief degree is in the Economics of Electronic Business, focusing on economics and computer science.

At EMK Soft, he coded the server logic behind several applications. He introduced a scalable database infrastructure that doubled the application’s reliability. Aliaksandr also incorporated cloud practices to significantly reduce the system development life cycle time.

While working for iTechart Group, Zakharau thoroughly collaborated with several team members to yield a behavior recognition app. This application helped users identify their habits and monitor the most useful ones.

One of his milestones was successfully generating a Python script to calculate half a million target prices and execute probability functions on them during the CFA Institute Research Challenge. His process was efficient, allowing quick data visualization and analysis.

The “Vision” for the Finance Industry

Aliaksandr plans to introduce “Vision,” a fintech company focused on transforming the landscape of personal financial management, to the US.

As credit card debt has reached insurmountable heights, households with these debts face immense pressure as increasing interest rates cause their debts to accumulate. With “Vision,” users can organize and prioritize their credit card payments, ensuring they pay their bills on time and strategize how to delegate their funds proficiently.

The fintech app introduced a calendar-based user experience where consumers track their payments and set budgets for their financial goals. This calendar enables them to reduce the impact of late fees and compounding debt. Users can achieve economic stability by lowering their debt and increasing their money management skills and credit scores.

Credit debt can cause stress, especially in an economy where the cost of living is increasing. According to The Fintech Times, nearly 75% of purchasers experience financial anxiety because of their potential inability to monitor their financial responsibilities and utilize the most comprehensive monetary guides. “Vision” contributes to the broad economy in addition to individuals because it trains them to become financially sound and navigate economic challenges when they arise.

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