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Saiteja Chatrati Leverages Salesforce and AI to Shape the Global Landscape of I.T. and Healthcare

As artificial intelligence continues to streamline workplace processes and redefine the customer experience, one of the experts leading the transition is Saiteja Chatrati. A specialist in Salesforce and AI, Saiteja is taking aim at issues that have long hindered the productivity of organizations. Her ingenuity and dedication have fueled such accomplishments as the lowering of an I.T. department’s average ticket response time from two hours to just thirty minutes; research into an AI-based, remote home-health-monitoring system; and the authorship of Salesforce Field Service: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating, Managing, and Automating Field Service. Perhaps her biggest impact, however, has been on women; as a core member of IEEE Women in Engineering, Saiteja is working hard to create more STEM opportunities for them to thrive in a sector traditionally led by men. These incredible successes are all the result of Saiteja’s deeply held belief that she should use her abilities to benefit the world.

Saiteja’s rise to the forefront of Salesforce and AI began in India, where as a student, she was fascinated by the unlimited potential of artificial intelligence to improve global society. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and a master’s degree in Computer Science, she was offered an excellent position in the United States as a Salesforce Business Analyst and then as a Technology Consultant/Subject Matter Expert. For over ten years, Saiteja has been using her unique ability to solve complex issues and her commitment to innovating AI to take industries to a new realm of efficiency and service.

“I absolutely love my job, in part because I have the freedom to pioneer new uses for Salesforce and artificial intelligence,” Saiteja explains. “It is very exciting to have the technology in my hands and to define what it can do instead of being limited by it. It makes every day different from the one before, and it’s everything I dreamed of doing back in India.”

Saiteja is committed to using AI to advance humanity to the next level. Her groundbreaking contributions have included developing efficient service applications that integrate Salesforce CRM and AI, ultimately revolutionizing the end-to-end customer service experience. She has also architected service intelligent solutions for Fortune 500 clients across industries as diverse as technology, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, and nonprofit.

One of her most important contributions to healthcare and the well-being of society has been her research into an AI-based, remote home-health-monitoring system. Concerned by the dangers faced by patients with diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic medical conditions, Saiteja researched the potential impact of machine learning. She concluded that ML could be used to predict abnormalities in blood sugar and blood pressure levels, with real-time alerts sent to registered doctors for immediate intervention. Saiteja proved that technology could be used to detect symptoms sooner, with patients in turn receiving assistance sooner and enjoying more positive outcomes. 

Her research into proactive healthcare was published in a major peer-reviewed, high-impact journal. Saiteja’s work is especially significant in the post-COVID era, as there is an ongoing need for improving the facilitation of remote patient health monitoring. Her research is currently being evaluated for its potential impact on expediting health updates to clinics and physicians, particularly in a lockdown situation.

Saiteja has received acclaim for her commitment to sharing her knowledge within her industry. Her first book, Salesforce Field Service: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating, Managing, and Automating Field Service, was published by Apress and became a bestseller on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and is sold in over 50 stores worldwide. Its insights, which illuminate how to enhance customer service and optimize response times, are especially impactful for frontline workers and technicians. Since its publication, Saiteja’s book has been empowering ambulance workers and fire safety professionals to respond to emergencies more promptly and efficiently. Its influence has also been felt in the service sector, as it helps professionals to address ongoing challenges by proactively implementing effective field service management systems.

“While I enjoyed writing my book and am thankful for its impact on so many organizations, I am especially proud of it because of its influence on women,” Saiteja reveals. “In the tech industry, there are many incredibly talented women, and they came alongside this project as technical reviewers, editors, and contributors. I am very grateful for their time and energy, as it made this book even more powerful and relevant in our service-driven world.”

For her remarkable accomplishments in technology and research, Saiteja has earned numerous prestigious awards, and she served as an industry judge for the Globee Awards and Stevie Awards. She says it was an honor to play a pivotal role in evaluating and honoring noteworthy contributions within the tech industry.

“I respected the intellectual talent and drive of all the entrants, and I was inspired by their own commitment to advancing our world just a little further,” Saiteja reveals. “Their dedication to making society better reaffirmed my own.”

Looking into the future of her industry, Saiteja will continue to pioneer developments in artificial intelligence. Her focus will be on combining Salesforce with AI, with the goal of using automation to dramatically improve the efficiency of global companies so that they can attain exciting new levels of productivity and achievements.

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