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2023 Trends & Insights for Businesses Moving to Microsoft 365

2023 Trends & Insights for Businesses Moving to Microsoft 365

In 2023, one of the significant technological shifts in business is the move to the cloud, especially Microsoft 365. As companies are competing in unlocking its immense potential of its suite of tools, discovering the trends that influence this migration is crucial.

This article presents some of the top 2023 trends and insights that can inform your organization’s plan to move to Microsoft 365. It can help your IT team prioritize the action items and be adept at transferring all business data to the Microsoft 365 cloud suite.

Mergers or Acquisitions (M&A)

After a temporary slowdown of companies during COVID-19, they are back on track in 2023, gaining total momentum in business operations. With an increase in M&As across global companies, there are organization-wide changes that are most likely to occur. M&As continue to influence companies to migrate to a new cloud platform and bring modifications in how they store and access data. 

In most cases, the acquired company has to adopt the parent company’s cloud platform from its existing ones. For example, migrating data from Dropbox to SharePoint Online.

Outsourcing Migration Tasks

One of the most outdated techniques is to carry out all the critical migration tasks by your own dedicated internal IT team. In 2023, most companies prefer to outsource data migration workloads to expert third-party migration vendors. 

By this, your company can eliminate the overhead of infrastructure and resource cost needed for data migration. Since it has become prevalent for companies to switch from one cloud to another due to business specific requirements, there are more occurrences of cloud-to-cloud migrations.

Choose a migration partner that provides end-to-end services compatible with various cloud platforms. For example, migrating data from Google Drive to OneDrive for business, Box to SharePoint Online, etc.

Hybrid Work Policy

The worldwide remote work policy has now transformed into a hybrid work culture. It strives to balance the best of both worlds by giving much-needed flexibility for both the employer and its employees.

This hybrid work mode still needs to leverage the potential of collaboration tools to communicate effectively and be on the same page as others. Hence, companies are looking for the best collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams that come as a part of the Microsoft 365 suite.

Hybrid work is still one of the leading 2023 trends that strongly impact businesses to move from their existing collaboration platforms like Slack to Microsoft Teams.

Cloud-First Initiatives

With digital transformation in full swing by businesses, a cloud-first strategy drives this ambitious move. Gartner predicts global public cloud spending to reach nearly $600 billion in 2023.

As cloud computing is igniting a wave of innovation, organizations are finding a way to move to the best cloud platforms to accelerate their growth.

Among a list of reliable cloud providers, Microsoft continues to go strong even in 2023 as one of the top players. Microsoft 365 offers a robust suite of cloud services, including data storage, collaboration and productivity tools, and email services.

If your organization is still dependent on on-premises data storage and computing infrastructure, it is high time you transition to the cloud, like Microsoft 365.

Unification of Diverse Platforms

As an essential part of the digital transformation journey, companies are on the lookout for unifying their distributed and diverse applications. Rather than having multiple cloud platforms for different applications, choosing a single cloud that offers the most benefits is best.

This can eliminate the need to bear multiple cloud license costs and pay only for a single suite of cloud services. Choose a Microsoft 365 plan that best suits your business needs.

One way organizations can unify disparate apps is by moving from their existing email service providers, like Gmail, to Microsoft Outlook. This is highly beneficial, especially when your company already has a Microsoft 365 subscription with email services included.

CloudFuze is a leading cloud data migration service provider that offers

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  • Links migration
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To align with these top 2023 trends, partner with CloudFuze and make your Microsoft 365 migration seamless and hassle-free.

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