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Types of Firearms Used by People for Home Defense

Frequent shootings in public, rising burglary cases, and random attacks can steal everyone’s goodnight’s sleep. A responsible family person can worry more about their dear ones’ lives. But how do you defend them and yourself in the face of an attack? Imagine yourself standing right in front of a gun-wielding man or gang! Or, what would you do if a thief broke into your house at night? Of course, these are uncomfortable scenarios. Still, you must consider all the possibilities to know your best chances of survival. You can feel a little at ease when you possess some weapon for self defense. Since wide varieties are available, choosing the right type of firearm may be overwhelming.

Don’t feel embarrassed or intimidated by the options. Many commoners face the same dilemma. Yet, they find their way with one, and so can you. Sites like offer an excellent range of them. Before visiting those, let’s find out what makes some great picks in firearms.


It’s popular with people who want to protect themselves. You get semiautomatic and pump-action varieties in these. If someone intrudes on your property, you can instill fear in them with this handy firearm. The loud sound of the shot can be easy to hear even from a mile. If the intruder is at a distance, you can fire it in the sky to shoo them away. A pump shotgun can be your thing if you are thinking about budget. Some models can be available for just about USD$200. It’s also an easy option for beginners. However, there are two main issues with this gun – 1) a harsh recoil effect and 2) prolonged reload time.


These hunting guns offer range and power. You can rely on them for self-defense tension-free. The shots made from this type of firearm can be more powerful than a shotgun or pistol. Since these can accommodate more ammo, it becomes another advantage. Some prefer this weapon for easy handling and customization opportunities – one can change stocks, barrels, trigger guards, and others. But these firearms may pose specific challenges. Due to the size, you can struggle to store it safely. It can be more complex if you have kids in the house. Then, the price will be higher.

The experts warn that rifle shots can be too loud for one’s ears when triggered indoors and affect hearing power. Although the blasts are potent, the noise makes them less suitable for home defense.


These small guns are also excellent for beginners. You can teach kids how to operate them. The semiautomatic varieties come with a magazine capacity of 7-20 rounds. Since reloading time is short, you can easily depend on your pistol during emergencies – the petite gun allows you to hold it in one hand and make an urgent call simultaneously. Plus, you can carry one without any hassle in your pocket. Some common challenges with this firearm include stability, recoil, and target issues.

You get immense options in self-defense tools. These are a few most sought-after weapons. So, search and study them well before buying anything.

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