Essential Treatments for Addiction That Are Successful In Providing Solutions

Essential Treatments for Addiction

Treatment of addiction does not occur in one day and it is also not the fit-for-all solution. Depending on the needs, the treatments may vary from person to person. Depending on the substance you are abusing, the treatment will vary. Whatever your health and mental requirements are should be matched with the budget of the healthcare options that you can afford. Let us go through some proven solutions that can guide the successful paths of patients toward recovery.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

According to different addiction centers in America, cognitive behavioral therapy is a very essential tool because it can be used for treating many purposes. The addictions may include alcohol addiction, food addiction, and drug addiction and may not only be limited to these. CBT helps you in recognizing the unhealthy patterns of your behavior but also helps to identify the triggers which can improve coping skills. With other therapeutic methods, CBT can always be combined.

12 step Facilitation

This therapy also known as the 12-step program can be used against substance abuse and for treating alcohol addiction. This is a group therapy that includes addiction recognition where the addiction is having several negative consequences. The consequences can be spiritual, social, physical, and emotional. The therapy needs to be introduced through acceptance. They may move on to the higher power and finally transitions through different group meetings. There are many anonymous group meetings organized so that the alcoholics can gain mutual support from the discussion. Recovery delivered will be through easy and fast methods through this 12-step program.


Detoxification with the help of medicine helps your body to get rid of some addictive substances within a safe environment. This is very essential because complete withdrawal of the substance may cause even life-threatening symptoms. As detoxification does not treat the underlying behavioral causes of the addiction, this method is generally used for combining with other therapies.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

For identifying negative thoughts, rational-emotive behavior is required. It can also fight against the depressed feeling of self-defeat. The main aim of the REBT is to recognize the power of rational thinking which depends on external situations.

Medication Treatment

Medication therapy can only work well when the method is combined with other behavioral methods. For reducing food cravings, decreasing addictive behaviors, and improving your mood, certain medications are required. All the medicines should be approved by the FDA and they recently approved lofexidine for decreasing withdrawal symptoms and reducing hunger cravings.

Contingency Management

For treating a wide variety of addictions like tobacco, alcohol, and narcotics, contingency management is used. Your positive behavior should be reinforced through this particular therapy. You may provide tangible rewards for ensuring positive behavior.


For solving addiction issues, applying various medication and behavioral therapies or combining both of them, you and your loved ones can get a guideline to combat the relapse. Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and contingency management are the behavioral therapies, while medication and detoxification can only be done through medicines.

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