Can Help Common Golf Injuries Be Treated By Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell

Stem cell injections in golf injuries have been found to reduce the effects of muscle and tendon degeneration. A sports medicine specialist has experience with stem cell injections, and they say that they are “a much better option” than other treatments such as steroid injections or surgical repair. Stem cells are found in our body’s circulatory system; they produce a new one in case of injury or tissue damage. They can be extracted from the bone marrow and injected into the injured area. The stem cells will produce new blood vessels, muscles, and strength for the damaged tissue. Thereby helping you to heal faster.

  • Common Golf Injuries: 

  1. Shoulder Injuries:

Torn rotator cuff can cause pain and difficulty accurately throwing the golf ball. It is a common injury seen by many professionals in golfing careers but not by professionals who play casually. You can fix these injuries by visiting a platform like the QC Kinetix location in Sharon Amity. Sometimes surgery is needed to fix it, but stem cell therapy can also work well.

  1. Upper Back Injuries: 

Upper back injuries are caused by disc compression and bulging. A herniated disc in the upper back can cause pain and trouble in golfing performance. In addition, these discs take a lot of time to heal, and this also causes a significant amount of pain. The treatment can be simple, physical therapy or surgery, which is only needed if you have lost flexibility or lost strength in your golfing arm because of this injury.

  • Stem Cell Therapy: 

In case your injury needs a little touch-up, stem cell injections are one treatment option that you can go for. Stem cell injections help reduce the degeneration of muscles and tendons, usually caused by injury. Injections can be done directly into the damaged area, and this helps in recovery from injuries. Stem cells are found in our bodies; they are responsible for producing a new one when there is an injury to our body. Thereby helping you to heal faster.

Stem cell therapy has made much progress in the last few years. Stems cells are extracted from the hip bone marrow and injected directly into the injured area. The injection can heal your muscle, tendon, or whatever you have been wounded by sports activity. More and more people are opting for it because of its benefits. Why don’t you go for it if you are suffering from an injury sustained during your golf sessions?

Injuries are part and parcel of sports. However, you can minimize the effects of injuries by taking preventive measures. Physical therapy is one way to prevent injuries, and it should be done for about 15-20 minutes every day before you start your game. After that, your body will get into the routine and help reduce your risk of injury. Physical therapy can help with post-injury recovery as well. When playing a sport, taking care of your health and overall fitness is essential. Otherwise, your performance is going to get affected. Are you willing to undergo the pain?

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