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The best youtube to mp3 music converter in 2023

What is Youtube to MP3 Converter? Youtube MP3 converters are online tools or software that allow you to download Youtube videos as MP3 audio files. They extract the audio track from a Youtube video and save it as an MP3 music file on your computer.

Are there any safe online Youtube to mp3 converters?

There are many free online Youtube to MP3 converters available. However, some are filled with ads, pop ups, and malware. Furthermore, most free online converters are illegal. YouTube’s terms of service prohibit downloading videos. As a result, using free online converters puts you at risk for viruses and legal issues. The safest option is to use a premium, legal YouTube MP3 converter.

How to Convert Youtube video to MP3 Music

Converting a Youtube to MP3 audio is a straightforward process using a safe, legal Youtube MP3 converter.

Step 1. Choose the Youtube video: First, navigate to the Youtube video you want to download and copy the URL from your browser.

Step 2. Use a converter: Next, go to the homepage of a trusted converter like YT Saver. Paste the Youtube URL into the search bar or input field.

Step 3. Download the MP3: Finally, select MP3 as the output format and click “Convert” or “Download.” The Youtube video will be downloaded and converted to an MP3 audio file.

Converting Youtube to MP3 only takes 3 simple steps – copy the video URL, use a safe converter, and download the MP3 file. Premium converters make the process fast, easy, and legal for personal use. With the right tool, you can quickly turn YouTube videos into MP3 music files.

The top 5 youtube to mp3 music converter in 2023

Here are the top 5 best, safest Youtube to MP3 converters as of 2023:

1. YT Saver Video Downloader

YT Saver Video Downloader is a premium software that provides a single platform to download videos and audio from over 10,000 websites, including YouTube. It can download HD, 4K, and 8K videos and convert them to MP3 and other audio formats. YT Saver has a clean, ad-free interface and uses advanced technology for fast downloading.

This converter is ideal for individuals who frequently download YouTube videos for personal offline use. The broad site support and one-stop experience save users time. Furthermore, the MP3 conversion feature allows creating custom music playlists from YouTube music videos.


  1. Supports over 10,000 sites including YouTube for broad video downloads
  2. Legally converts downloaded videos to MP3 format for personal use
  3. Provides HD, 4K, and 8K quality video downloads


  1. The free trial version has limited capabilities
  2. No ability to edit metadata in MP3 files
  3. Lacks advanced settings for bitrate, sample rate, etc.

YT Saver Video Downloader is a top-choice YouTube to MP3 converter for efficiently downloading videos in high quality and converting to MP3 legally for personal use. The simple interface makes it easy for frequent YouTube users to build custom playlists.

2. Y2mate

Y2mate is free YouTube downloader software available for Mac that supports over 1,000 websites. It can download videos in HD quality up to 4K and extract audio into MP3 format. 

Y2mate has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface as well as a built-in search tool to find videos.

This software is great for Mac users who want a simple, hassle-free way to download YouTube videos and playlists and convert them to MP3. The straight-forward design makes it easy to use for all levels of computer expertise.


  1. Supports over 1,000 sites for versatile video downloads
  2. Downloads high quality HD to 4K videos
  3. Extracts and converts video audio tracks to MP3 format


  1. Lacks advanced audio editing options
  2. No ability to edit metadata for MP3 files
  3. Limited to Mac platform only

In summary, Y2mate is one of the top YouTube video and audio downloaders for Mac users. The ability to get MP3 audio combined with HD quality in a user-friendly interface makes Y2mate a leading choice.

3. is a YouTube to MP3 converter designed specifically for the Mac. It can download videos and audio from over 1000 sites and offers robust conversion features. captures subtitles, trims videos, and has shortcuts and gestures for efficient downloading.

This converter is optimal for Mac users who want expansive options for managing and converting YouTube video downloads. The macro recording and automation features save time for frequent bulk downloading.


  1. Downloads from over 1000 sites and has Mac-specific tools
  2. Extensive audio and video conversion capabilities
  3. Automation and shortcut features for efficient bulk downloading


  1. Has a learning curve for some advanced features
  2. No ability to edit ID3 metadata tags in MP3s
  3. Limited to the Mac platform

In summary, is one of the most versatile YouTube downloaders and converters designed for Mac. The robust toolkit for manipulating audio and video makes it easy to customize downloads.

4. Bitdownloader

Bitdownloader is a cross-platform YouTube downloader and MP3 converter with an ad-free interface. It can download videos and playlists from YouTube and 1000+ other sites. Bitdownloader offers Quick Mode for fast, automated downloads as well as advanced settings.

This software is ideal for anyone who wants an easy-to-use tool to batch download YouTube videos and playlists and convert them to MP3. The Quick Mode makes simple downloads seamless while still providing customization.


  1. Downloads from YouTube and 1000+ other video sites
  2. User-friendly Quick Mode for fast, automated downloads
  3. Converts downloaded videos to MP3 audio files


  1. Limited ability to edit metadata in downloaded MP3s
  2. No advanced audio editing features
  3. Free version limits downloads

In summary, Bitdownloader excels in effortless batch downloading of YouTube videos and playlists complete with MP3 audio conversion. The ad-free interface and Quick Mode cater to hassle-free downloads.

5. YouTubeConvert

YouTubeConvert is a web-based tool for fast video downloading from YouTube, Facebook, and 1000+ other sites. It can download videos in all qualities and convert them into MP3 audio files. 

YouTubeConvert also has auto-transfer capabilities for iOS devices.

This converter is best for those wanting speed and convenience in downloading videos and transferring them to mobile devices. The web interface means no software installs, and the auto MP3 conversion saves time.


  1. Web-based converter requiring no software installs
  2. Quick downloads with auto MP3 audio conversion
  3. Auto-transfer of downloads to iOS mobile devices


  1. No advanced audio editing of MP3 files
  2. Limited video format selection and customization
  3. Requires paid subscription for full features

In summary, the convenience of YouTubeConvert’s web interface combined with fast downloads and iOS transfers make it ideal for on-the-go use. However, advanced users may want more output format options.

Is it legal to use YouTube to mp3 converters?

In most cases, no. YouTube’s terms prohibit downloading videos. As a result, most free online YouTube to MP3 converters are illegal. Premium converters designed for personal use may be legal in some countries. However, distribution and commercial use are usually prohibited. When in doubt, consult an attorney.

What is the best youtube mp3 converter?

The best YouTube to MP3 converter is safe, legal, ad-free, and easy to use. Based on these criteria, the top recommendation is YT Saver Video Downloader. It works on desktop and mobile, supports over 10,000 sites, offers high-quality MP3 downloads for personal use, and is free of viruses and ads.

Last Word about The best youtube to mp3 music converter in 2023

In summary, while most free online YouTube to MP3 converters are risky and illegal, premium converters like YT Saver provide a legal way to download YouTube videos as MP3s for personal use. When selecting a converter, look for safety, legality, quality output, and ease of use. With the right converter, you can easily turn YouTube videos into MP3 music files.


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