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5 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2024

5 SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimisation can help you reach your target audience and rank on search engines. However, there are some common mistakes that you should be aware of to ensure that your content strategy is a success. Let’s understand 5 SEO mistakes you should avoid in 2024.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

You might think using lots of relevant keywords is a smart SEO move. Well, think twice before doing this, as most search engines consider keyword stuffing a bad SEO practice. This seems quite robotic and gives the impression that you are forcing Google to rank your content. 

Moreover, you may also be penalised for this practice. Your readers can’t relate to content that uses forced keywords, as it decreases the readability of the content. You can do keyword research on long-tail keywords and select the most relevant ones. Using four or five secondary and two to three primary keywords can help rank the content organically. 

Neglecting E-A-T Protocols

It may be a mistake if you believe you can satisfy your users by using or repurposing similar content. Google can dilute your page’s organic visibility if you are using plagiarism. The latest Google update says that algorithms prioritise the pages that follow the best E-A-T protocols. Google suggests E-A-T as expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. 

Always use hyperlinks and backlinks to increase the credibility of your content. Try to provide references to the original content. Getting professional help is a good idea as it brings professionalism and expertise to your content strategy. For example, an e-commerce site in South Africa can greatly benefit from hiring a local Cape Town SEO agency for its content.

Forgetting to Use Mobile Optimisation

This can be a trivial mistake in your SEO strategy. The speed of your website and the format of your content matter a lot to readers. If readers can’t access your content on mobile phones, they might shift to your competitors. Once you implement this change, you will see a difference in your rankings. Readers can easily consume and enjoy the content on their phones, drastically increasing the visibility of your content. 

Boring Anchor Text

Using a very basic and boring anchor text can decrease the SEO value of your link. Instead, try to use descriptive and fun texts. You can use the text that best describes the site you are linking. Try to use keywords in it and make it valuable for the reader. This can increase the search engine’s relevance and add readability value for your readers.

Using Long Title-Tags

Experts always advise against using long title tags. These are very hard for a user to search, and thus, they decrease everything SEO stands for, including relevance. You can keep the title tag concise and relevant to the topic. Additionally, you can include your business name to boost brand awareness among readers organically.

In conclusion, avoiding SEO mistakes and optimising your content can be a wonderful solution to increasing your content rankings. Follow the tips in this blog, and your 2024 SEO strategies will surely bring fruitful results. 

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