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UPSC Coaching

UPSC exam is one of the toughest competitive examination in India. It is considered as mother of all examination. Lakhs of students appear in this examination to become IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS and other allied services. Preparation of this examination needs proper guidance. Delhi is hub of civil services examination preparation. Every year hundreds of students get selected in Civil Services from here. But Delhi is very costly to stay and take coaching. In such a situation UPSC online coaching has become very effective because of low fees and high quality teaching. The following will provide an analysis of the pros and cons USPC coaching:

Structured Learning Environment


One of the most vital aspects of UPSC coaching, especially in the best UPSC coaching in Delhi, is the structured learning environment in the institutes. As the UPSC syllabus is vast and varied, a structured mode of approach that covers all aspects of the syllabus is crucial. Institutes impart an organized curriculum that ensures all the essential topics and subjects are covered: 

  1. Patterned Coverage: Top coaching institutions primarily in Delhi cover the entire UPSC syllabus upfront but in a systematic way. The approach makes topics organized and easily understandable. 
  2. Regular Revision: Furthermore, the institutes also make the students follow a regular revision pattern that not only refreshes memory but also keeps students informed about accomplished topics. 
  3. Cover on current affairs: Keeping in mind the dynamic scope of current affairs, it gets concentrated upon beside scheduled topics as current affairs always holds an added 10% in UPSC exams.


All of this may sound great, but in reality, this type of structured approach to learning has one big disadvantage. The thing is that such a method presupposes that every person should learn the material at the same time and in the same fashion. 

The problem is – not everyone has the opportunity to learn at the same pace, meaning not everyone learns the way they are supposed to. Just IMAGINE trying to fit into a one-size outfit. It is basically impossible because we are all different – and the same goes for learning. 

This kind of mismatch can be a major source of stress and, of course, will not be as effective as everyone would like. It’s easy to fall behind or not get the lessons’ essence, and that is just bad when talking about learning something new. 

Access to Expert Guidance 


Even though it is not always possible, it is very convenient to get answers to your questions from the experienced in the topic. One of the criteria of a best UPSC coaching in Delhi is the expert guidance. This means that the centers’ teacher has enough experience of UPSC CSE exam, to offer you the best possible strategies. 


But it is always another side of the coin. Doing everything by the book all the time means people might never be able to use their cool and creative methods or explore some other resources. Which would work just as good or even better. It is like using a manual to make every single meal without ever experimenting with your food! Nonetheless, the answer doesn’t use only negative sides, and there are pros from interacting with fellow. 

Indeed, it might not be possible for a lot of candidates to join UPSC coaching. It might also not be possible for a working professional or the one who is already pursuing some course to devote an additional 6-9 hours a day for such classes. 

While the decision of whether to join the coaching or studying alone is an entirely personal choice, or depends on individual’s personal situation. But this is correct that joining coaching (be it online or offline) lessen the aspirants struggle. Experienced teachers helps them at every stage of preparation. On the other hand we have examples of such candidates who have cleared civil services examination without joining and coaching, just through self-study.

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