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Forecasted Pricing for the Tesla Cybertruck Across Different Countries

A recent analysis conducted by CleanMe pointed out that many sources inaccurately forecasted the price of the Tesla Cybertruck by directly converting the USD price to local currencies. This simplistic approach overlooks Tesla’s strategic global pricing practices observed with its other models. To address this, we embarked on a study to predict the Cybertruck’s price globally, delving into Tesla’s historical pricing variations from one country to another. Our analysis primarily focused on the rear-wheel drive (RWD) version, which is the most economical of the three models Tesla has announced.

Since its debut in November 2019, the Cybertruck has captivated the attention of automobile enthusiasts and potential electric vehicle buyers worldwide. Its unique design and advanced technological features have generated considerable buzz, making it one of the most awaited vehicle launches. As Tesla readies to launch this groundbreaking pickup, there is widespread curiosity about its price variations across different countries.

Purpose of This Analysis

This report endeavors to provide insights into the anticipated global pricing of the Tesla Cybertruck, highlighting its representation of innovation and its appeal to a broad spectrum of potential buyers with varying financial means.

Research Methodology

  • Data Collection: We started by collecting price data for the Tesla Models 3, S, Y, and X from Tesla’s official website. For regions like Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia where some models were absent from Tesla’s site, we acquired pricing from local dealerships and authoritative review sites, including all relevant local taxes and fees.
  • Price Analysis: We determined the percentage price difference for each country compared to the U.S. and calculated an average percentage difference across all four models to understand general regional pricing trends.
  • Price Projection: We applied the average percentage difference to the base price of the Cybertruck in the U.S. to estimate its cost in other markets.
  • Affordability Study: We juxtaposed the projected Cybertruck prices with the average annual incomes in each country, sourced from Worldata, to assess the affordability of the Cybertruck.

Principal Findings

  • Most Expensive Market: Denmark, where the Cybertruck is priced at $104,960.
  • Second Highest Price: The United Kingdom, with a Cybertruck price of $100,009.
  • Most Economical Market: The U.S., offering the Cybertruck at $60,990.
  • Second Most Economical: Canada, where it is priced at $70,089.
  • Most Affordable Relative to Income: Norway, where the Cybertruck costs about 74% of the average annual income.
  • Least Affordable: Mexico, where buying a Cybertruck requires spending over eight times the average annual income.

Global Price Predictions

The highest price in Denmark can be attributed to heavy vehicle taxes, especially on imported electric vehicles like the Cybertruck. The U.K. follows closely, where the price reflects significant import taxes, VAT, and additional tariffs. Conversely, the U.S. enjoys the lowest price, benefiting from local manufacturing in California, which cuts down on logistics and import costs, with Canada benefiting similarly due to its proximity to the manufacturing sites.

Insights on Affordability

Norway proves to be the most affordable place to buy a Cybertruck, thanks to high average income levels and supportive government policies for electric vehicles. In stark contrast, Mexico ranks as the least affordable, highlighting significant economic disparities. Denmark’s moderate affordability, where purchasing a Cybertruck requires spending 142.76% of one’s annual income, places it 8th in terms of affordability among the countries evaluated.


This study provides a nuanced view of the Tesla Cybertruck’s expected prices and affordability across various global markets, reflecting diverse economic landscapes, tax structures, and government regulations from Denmark’s high costs to Norway’s affordability and the competitive prices in the U.S. This analysis not only informs prospective buyers but also offers broader insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the global electric vehicle market. The detailed study and full data table are available through the provided link.

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