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How To Market A Startup Product?

Startup owners are constantly on the lookout for the latest online marketing trends. You may already know standard terms like social media marketing, personalized content, and brand campaigns. But the question arises, which are the most effective online advertising trends that will help you generate engagement, provide customer analytics, and extract results? That said, here is how to market a startup product.

1. Email marketing 

Is email marketing still valid in 2021? It most definitely is. The pandemic has pushed people back home and addressed the need for effective digital marketing and performance. Some stats suggest that persuasive email marketing can give top startups an ROI as high as 4200%

Startup owners can opt for email marketing services like Mailchimp, Sendinblue, AWeber, and GetResponse. Quickly generate customized email templates to market your products, illustrations, and company mission. 

One of the most interactive email marketing trends in 2021 is adding personalized messages, illustrations, and gamification elements. Nothing says you appreciate your customer like a brilliantly curated birthday message along with a discount coupon

2. Artificial intelligence 

A common misconception is that AI is all about high-end robotics, algorithms, and problem-solving programming languages. AI digital marketing is one of the most user-friendly mechanisms for startups to reach their target audience. 

AI observes and records the behaviors of potential customers visiting your website or page. Startup owners can analyze this data and employ customized marketing strategies to attract their audience. As a business owner, you can establish your brand value by integrating your website with AI like VR and chatbots. 

3. Video marketing 

Videos for your startup’s website? Videos for your startup’s social media page? It doesn’t matter; employing videos and modern animation for online marketing is a proven way of gaining mass engagement and running campaigns.

Startups should curate their marketing objective, identify key audiences and design a plan suitable for their brand. These steps will help startups to innovate and optimize the best marketing videos. 

Embedding a relatable story into your videos is an ideal way to capture engagement and shares. Did you know using animation videos for marketing is one of the most effective ways to convert potential customers? 

4. Google ads 

Google Ads is probably the most prominent platform or service through which businesses, from micro-businesses to multinational organizations, promote their products to consumers. 

Google Ads employs a system called PPC ads in which the entity advertising a product or service pays the publisher of the ad when the ad a person clicks an ad. The model is suitable for B2C and B2B systems. 

Can startups use Google Ads? Yes, they can. But it depends on a startup’s advertisement budget, target keywords, campaign plan, and expected results. In general, startups can experiment with Google Ads to assess its effectiveness for their products.

Take advantage of Google Ads and optimize your landing page, assess your keyword choices, and utilize automated suggestions.

To avoid losing clicks money, keep monitoring your landing pages’ uptime. If any page goes down, the potential customer may leave your website and never return.

5. Affiliate marketing 

For business owners and startups, affiliate marketing is when you pay a commission to an affiliate, who is an advertiser, for promoting your products and helping you generate sales. How is affiliate marketing different from influencer marketing? Affiliate marketing involves sales pitches, calls to action, and attracting consumers. 

Influencer marketing is about networking & collaborating with influencers to position your brand positively in the market and, at the same time, influence the purchasing behaviors of consumers. When done right, affiliate marketing is beneficial for marketing and selling a product through multiple channels. 

Before starting affiliate marketing, choose affiliates suitable for your product and target audience. Affiliate networks can connect startups to potential affiliates and even influencers for a nominal fee. This online advertisement is suitable for startups with a decent marketing budget. 

6. AI technology

Startups can use various tools to assist with marketing. For example, a paraphrasing tool that uses AI tech to brainstorm ideas for ad copy. Content optimization tools to analyze the performance of content like Surfer SEO, Phrase, and On Page AI. Or use social performance tools like BuzzSumo, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social to assist with marketing products on social media.

In summary

When it comes to online marketing, the options are endless for startups and small business owners. However, a limited budget might tie you down to a few options.

Small business owners can focus their operations and optimization on the critical areas of marketing and things that offer them better ROI with the right tools. 

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