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Top 5 Ways to Measure Your Digital Marketing ROI


Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the field of online marketing. It covers a wide range of activities which are implemented by companies world wide to improve brand recognition, create new consumer awareness and to drive more sales. The term digital marketing can have various interpretations. Digital Marketing can be broadly divided into two major categories: web and offline marketing.

Web Marketing: This is perhaps the most common digital marketing strategy used today. Digital Marketing is the part of online marketing, which uses web and internet based digital technology like desktop computers, cell phones and other portable media and platforms for marketing products and services to the general public. Some popular examples include Pay Per Click Advertising, Content Marketing, Online Promotion and Social Media Marketing. Offline marketing can be referred to as brochure printing, direct mail, Yellow Pages advertising, radio and TV advertisement and other printed media activities. Companies can choose from a wide variety of offline digital marketing plans including pay per click, cost per mile, and contextual advertising.

Internet Marketing: Digital Marketing can also be referred to as Internet Marketing or eMarketing. This form of marketing involves online promotion of services and products by way of search engine marketing (SEM). SEM includes paid search engine optimization, display advertising, social media advertising, video advertising and paid inclusion. Companies adopting Internet marketing campaigns can use any of the following techniques to increase website traffic: posting controversial advertisements, affiliate marketing programs, viral marketing campaigns, blogs, news releases and email marketing campaigns. Other methods used include PPC, banner advertisement, text and picture ads, video ads and pay per click.

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Social Media Marketing: Digital Marketing also encompasses various activities related to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. It includes building and maintaining relationships through these digital channels to increase website traffic. Social media platforms are highly popular worldwide with users spending more time in these channels than the other traditional media. Other social media platforms include RSS feeds, podcasting, video marketing, podcasting, and video conferencing. The increased prominence of mobile devices in the global population has prompted companies to adopt strategies related to this channel to increase brand visibility and generate revenue from in-platform advertisements.

B2B Sales & Service Marketing: Companies providing sales and consulting services have a unique position to adopt effective, digital marketing strategies to reach their clients. These services include sales forecasts, market analysis, demand forecasting, market trend analysis, and competition analysis. Digital Marketing Strategies adopted by companies provides an insight into the existing client base, target customers, market mix, competition, and market opportunity. These strategies can also be used for inbound marketing and brand name recognition. B2B sales and service providers can make effective use of web, email, and social media platforms for inbound marketing, customer relationship management, lead generation, and telemarketing services.

Digital Marketing Companies is on the constant lookout for talented and experienced professionals who possess an excellent understanding of the latest trends in the digital realm. These experts help create new digital marketing campaigns that yield a high return on investment. These companies provide the tools, software, and comprehensive reports required to make digital marketing campaigns profitable. Companies in search of experienced digital marketers should approach boutique digital marketers for assistance in digital marketing campaigns.

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