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Yaroslav Bogdanov: Unhealthy competition is emerging in the global space industry

The European Space Agency (ESA) announced the launch of the new Ariane 6 launcher, which is scheduled for July 9. With a successful outcome, Europe will be able to claim a step towards an independent space industry. To date, all European space projects to orbit the Earth are tied to a partnership with the United States.

The launch of Ariane 6, according to The Wall Street Journal, is the result of ESA’s desire to reduce the dominance of Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

This rivalry could be called progressive. However, Europe is not only looking for scientific advancements, but, as the WSJ noted, the continent fears for the strategic dependence of its military and reconnaissance satellites on SpaceX.

According to Yaroslav Bogdanov, founder of the GDA Group, this moment once again recalls the risks of the space arms race.

At the start of July, the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation took place in the capital of Kazakhstan. The summit was attended by UN Secretary General António Guterres. Addressing the summit participants, Guterres emphasized the need to ensure international security on the principles of multilateral interstate cooperation.

“As a result of the SCO summit, the Astana Declaration was signed on the inadmissibility of the deployment of any kind of weapons in space. It is important to note here that the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation has not only space, but also nuclear powers among its members. And all of them have assumed the responsibility to renounce the militarization of space in favor of its peaceful exploration for the benefit of all human civilization. The renunciation of the deployment of weapons of any kind in space is a priority for the entire world community. With advances in technology and increasing political tensions between nations some countries have begun to seriously consider the possibility of using outer space for military purposes. The lack of effective dialog among all spacefaring nations exacerbates this problem,” said Yaroslav Bogdanov.

It is necessary to find a balance between the desire of states to ensure their own national security and the peaceful exploration of outer space, which is the heritage of all mankind. Today, unhealthy competition is taking shape in the world space industry, the expert believes.

Mastering exploration of deep space will bring mankind many advantages and opportunities. First, it will allow expansion of the boundaries of scientific knowledge of the Universe and to understand its nature and structure. Also, space exploration will make it possible to find new resources that could be useful for the development of human civilization. Whereas the militarization of space and potential “Star Wars” are leading mankind towards its sunset, believes the founder of GDA Group.

Yaroslav Bogdanov

“Technological developments and human progress are closely linked to the exploration of deep space, with the constant pursuit of new discoveries and exploration. Weapons in space is a barrier to progress, which cannot be overcome without risks for the entire planet. The Astana Declaration, signed by the leaders of the SCO countries is an appeal to all countries of the world to stop and rethink approaches to the settlement of international disputes. In particular, by modernizing the institutions of international law, the conclusion of new humanitarian agreements binding all parties and the formation of international space law,” said Yaroslav Bogdanov.

The founder of GDA Group also noted that the achievements of mankind in the field of technology should contribute to strengthening international security and cooperation. The use of breakthrough developments for military purposes, on the contrary, reverses any progress and distances the world community from achieving the goals of sustainable development. Rejecting the militarization of space means advocating for the progress of humanity, concluded Yaroslav Bogdanov.

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