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Yaroslav Bogdanov: The world requires modern international space law

During his state visit to China, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that there are limitless opportunities for cooperation in space exploration between the two countries.

The Russian leader emphasized that the field requires considerable financial investment and an influx of talent. Cosmonautics requires great experts.

Yaroslav Bogdanov, founder of the Institute of Modern International Law, named modern international space law as another item on the list of requirements for cosmonautics.

“Space law, as a branch of international law, was laid down in the 60s of the last century, and there it has remained. In the last half century, mankind has made a huge step from the first human space flight to commercial astronautics and space tourism; from landing on the Moon to a mission to Mars. But the legal framework regulating human activity in space and cooperation between states in this area has remained in the same place,” said Yaroslav Bogdanov.

The lack of progress in discussions on peaceful space exploration has put the world at risk of a space arms race.

Last month, Russia vetoed a U.S. and Japanese resolution at the United Nations on the non-deployment of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction in space. The standoff over the fundamental principles of banning the militarization of space has led to the U.S. already officially working through scenarios of a nuclear explosion in Earth orbit.

A recent report by the World Economic Forum predicts that the space economy will triple in size to $1.8 trillion over the next decade. Space technology has the potential to impact every aspect of human life, from weather forecasting to industrial management. This century of scientific progress could be nullified without effective dialog between countries, suggests Yaroslav Bogdanov.

“Humanity is in the process of transition to a multipolar world order. The redistribution of spheres of influence concerns everything from the Arctic to outer space. The result of these processes can already be seen on Earth – numerous hotbeds of armed conflicts. Outer space remains the only sphere that has not been drawn into military and political strife. In order to preserve this fragile balance, a new architecture of international space law is required,” said Yaroslav Bogdanov.

According to this international lawyer, not only politicians and diplomats should discuss the future of space. Without the participation of the expert scientific community, it will be difficult to develop a model for regulating international relations in the space sphere that will ensure global security.

Bogdanov further highlighted the importance of public awareness and education in the development of space law. He stressed that the general public needs to understand the stakes involved in space exploration and the potential consequences of a space arms race. “Educating the public about the importance of peaceful space exploration and the need for robust legal frameworks is crucial. This knowledge can drive public support for international cooperation and legal reforms,” he said. The integration of scientific experts, policymakers, and the public is essential to forge a sustainable and secure future in space for all of humanity.

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