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Wisconsin Business Group: Partnership Announcement

Wisconsin Business Group: Partnership Announcement

Exciting news is brewing in Wisconsin’s business community as Wisconsin Business Group announces a strategic partnership between two of its founding members – NetProtect365 and Midwest Strategic. These two dynamic businesses have recently joined forces, and Wisconsin Business Group is thrilled to witness the synergies and potential this collaboration will bring.

NetProtect365 and Midwest Strategic, as the first two businesses to sign up with Wisconsin Business Group, have demonstrated their commitment to excellence and innovation in their respective fields. The partnership between these two industry leaders holds great promise for their future growth and success.

Wisconsin Business Group aims to connect and support local businesses, serving as a catalyst for collaboration and growth within the state. By fostering partnerships and alliances, the group encourages businesses to leverage each other’s strengths, share resources, and explore new opportunities together.

The partnership between NetProtect365 and Midwest Strategic represents the spirit of Wisconsin Business Group – a platform that facilitates connections, promotes growth, and celebrates the achievements of local businesses. This collaboration is a testament to the value that Wisconsin Business Group brings to its members and the broader business community in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Business Group welcomes other Wisconsin-based businesses to join this thriving network of like-minded professionals. By becoming a member, businesses gain access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and the support of a community dedicated to their success. To learn more about how Wisconsin Business Group can benefit your business, visit their website at or email

Benefits of Joining the Wisconsin Business Group

Joining the Wisconsin Business Group has a number of benefits for entrepreneurs. First and foremost, it provides access to a network of experienced business professionals who can offer advice and support. The group also offers educational resources, including workshops and seminars on topics like marketing and finance. In addition, membership gives entrepreneurs a chance to meet other like-minded individuals and build relationships with potential customers, partners, and suppliers. The Wisconsin Business Group provides members with discounts on products and services from its partner organizations.

Professional Development Programs and Workshops Offered

The Wisconsin Business Group offers a variety of professional development programs and workshops to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. These programs and workshops cover topics such as business planning, marketing, financing, and human resources. The group also offers networking events and mentoring opportunities.

Networking and Mentorship Opportunities

In addition to providing educational resources and networking opportunities, the Wisconsin Business Group also offers mentorship opportunities for its members.

The Business Group’s Mentorship Program pairs experienced business owners with those who are just starting out, giving them the chance to learn from each other and grow their businesses together. The program provides a structured framework for mentorship relationships, as well as access to resources and support from the group’s network of experts.

Entrepreneurial Resources Provided by the Wisconsin Business Group

The Wisconsin Business Group is a network of people dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The group provides a variety of resources to help entrepreneurs succeed, including:

-A community of like-minded individuals who can offer support and advice

-Access to funding and investment opportunities

-Mentorship from successful business leaders

-Networking opportunities with potential customers and partners

– educational resources on starting and growing a business


The Wisconsin Business Group provides an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect and grow their businesses. By joining, members gain access to a host of resources specific to the state that will help them succeed; these include networking events, mentoring opportunities and grant funding. Being part of such a large community also gives members access to collective wisdom, shared knowledge and partnership ideas that can lead to extraordinary success. With this kind of support system in place, any entrepreneur can improve their prospects for building a flourishing business in Wisconsin!

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