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When Should BOPP Labels Be Used?

BOPP is the most widely used material for labels, after paper. Many industries use it as their preferred bopp label material because of its affordable price and proven performance. BOPP labels are available for use in almost all industries and are highly versatile. BOPP labels are visible on consumer goods in your neighbourhood and in public. 

BOPP: What is it?

Stretched in both machine and transverse directions, biaxially oriented polypropylene, or BOPP, is a film that produces molecular chain orientation in two directions. Our most popular material is BOPP since it can withstand nearly anything. Not only is this our most well-liked label material, but it’s also perfect for logo stickers. It is among the best overall because it is resistant to chemicals, oils, and water. 

With BOPP, there are a plethora of options available to you. BOPP is a well-liked plastic label material. Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP) is what it stands for. 

Food and drink

BOPP is a star in the food industry because of its graphic reproduction, waterproofness, ability to withstand moisture, ability to seal, and shelf appeal. It is an option for labels on food and beverage containers. Even when not in contact with food, it can tolerate processes like off-gassing from acidic foods, which stains or smears other label materials. 

Because of their rounded surfaces and varied textures, beverage bottles can be challenging to bopp label. In addition to the benefits, BOPP film’s thickness offers flexibility when applied to plastic and glass containers. 

Well-being and attractiveness

Particular labelling requirements apply to cosmetics and wellness products. And the material you choose must be durable in moist or muggy conditions. Due to its resistance to the product within, oils from hands, and water from sinks or showers, BOPP is perfect for health and beauty products. It also offers all the benefits listed on food and beverage labels. BOPP is capable of managing all of these tasks.


All medical supplies must have long-lasting labels. A label, even on disposable medical equipment, can assist someone in receiving the care they require. If you are employed in the medical field, think about BOPP labels. Chemicals and liquids that would smear other labels cannot affect these labels. Also, if you manufacture medical supplies that may be kept in storage for a long time, the labels’ robustness makes them a wise option. 

Chemical Products: 

Because BOPP is resistant to chemicals, it can label industrial solvents, agricultural chemicals, and household cleaners. Even when exposed to abrasive materials, these labels resist fading and disintegrating.   

Retail and Logistics: 

Because BOPP labels are resilient enough to withstand abrasion, moisture, and temperature changes during shipping and handling, they are also frequently used for barcodes and shipping labels. 

In conclusion

BOPP packaging can preserve the product’s aesthetic appeal without detracting from the actual reason for the product labels. Its two main qualities its resistance to moisture and its durability make it a viable choice for a variety of goods across numerous industries. You can get labels with BOPP material from M&R Labels if these features are necessary for your product. To confirm your product looks exactly how you want it to, we can also assist you in selecting the ideal design and other components.

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