What Makes Zoho One a Trending Choice in the CRM Market?

Zoho one CRM

Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs) have come a long way from what they were a decade or two ago. These software allow companies to manage their existing and new clients, interact with them, manage and make different analyses. CRMs allow companies to enhance their relationship with their existing customers and enable customer retention, translating into sales growth as repeat customers build reputation, generate revenues and lead to massive sales growth.

Modern CRMs are very technologically advanced, using data for trend analysis, potential sales points and even help companies fine tune their sales strategies to hit where it matters the most.

Zoho One, a Holistic CRM

There are a number of different companies that offer CRMs that allow companies to unlock their potentials. However, each CRM is designed towards a specific industry or market, with tools that are particularly made to deal with their environment and sector.

Zoho One is a CRM that’s been made from scratch with the world in mind. The CRM isn’t geared towards a specific industry. Instead the developers have taken a holistic approach, making a management system that any company, whether small or large, can use to their benefit and customer relationship management. It goes beyond the customer approach and has features that cover entire organizational activities:

  • Zoho One Integrations: With Zoho One apps Integrations, companies can use the CRM, connecting with more than 40 online applications that will help automate their entire business, ranging from sales, marketing, HR, Finance and even their operations. Firms and businesses can select specific apps that suit their needs and even define what employees at what level can access these apps to input and record data, with the Zoho CRM analysing it for managers to make effective decisions.
  • Smart Services Suite: Apart from the integrations, Zoho One gives a range of different applications that act as bolt on to provide ever more productivity. Zia, for example, is an intelligent assistant service that helps to better manage tasks, activities and time. Other services include smart dashboards that give a single interface to view a variety of parameters in one go, making decisions easier than ever. These services also make it easier to manage operations with the ability to define access to data and services at each employee level and fast deployment of internal applications.
  • Zoho Customizations: Although Zoho One is designed to be holistic, the team knows that there always will be firms that find the applications and integrations Zoho offers not enough or incompatible with their ecosystem. Zoho One allows firms to customize and easily create features that they need, along with the ability to create interfaces to integrate with their systems.

Advantages of Zoho One

Zoho One, with its suite of applications, gives several advantages that companies can leverage to enhance their complete working and turning their operations efficient and smooth.

Zoho One comes packed with all the tools of the trade to let people collaborate easily, cutting down on time wasted to arrange meetings, managing projects and eliminates barriers of communications. With highlights of important activities that matter, managers can get an overview of their campaigns, manage their social media presence and conduct surveys. A complete and in-depth analysis of the data also allows to make decisions on which area to concentrate and define what action gives the best value for money.

Customer services are the bedrock for any sales retention and reputation building. If a customer is not happy, sales will definitely be affected. Zoho One makes customer support systems easy with advanced assistance and auto ticketing. Zoho One also allows for setting up a personnel management system, allowing to keep track of employees, their activities and identifying any potential for growth. At the same time, it allows for detecting any lacking or issues, letting managers reduce the friction in the shortest time possible.

Zoho, All the Way

The wide range of applications, smart data analysis and tools for every department of a firm gives Zoho One the edge that no other CRM can claim. Zoho One has gained popularity among different forms for this reason. It has even caught the eye of CRM implantation experts Encaptechno. Encaptechno is a trusted and authorized Zoho Partner

Zoho is a complete Software as a Service (SaaS) that is trusted by more than 50 million users around the world. It has a wide range of portfolio of customers that include Amazon, Facebook, HP, Netflix and others. The company has high ethical values and holds customer privacy as priority. Even the free editions of its services do not run in-app advertisements  

To know how Zoho One can make your business smooth and effective, check out this article. If you want to learn how Zoho One apps can be integrated with your ecosystem, visit Zoho today.





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