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What is a Keyword Planner and Why It’s Important for SEO

SEO is a buzzword in the modern business world. Businesses that ignored the prominence of the web world are now considering every means to gain a presence in the search engines. Nowadays, brands have realized the importance of more social engagement. People are increasingly using online platforms for eCommerce transactions. This is the reason new websites are being made daily. These websites also have search engine optimization, which is very vital. The SEO helps the website be visible to more people and increases their profits and exposure by recommending it to other search engines.

Keywords play an important role in SEOs. When we think of a keyword, we relate it to an entire topic. The words or phrases help the search engines identify a particular topic on the website. These keywords help connect more people to the website by searching the specific word, which helps your website get more exposure. Algorithms have sophisticated system that analyses a keyword that user uses in their query, and through the use of a keyword planner, we can better understand what type of content might result in better rankings and traffic.

A simple example could be if you are looking for a laptop, you would type ” cheapest laptop available online” to give the search engines an idea about what you are looking for. This is where the importance of SEO lies. SEO helps in establishing your presence on the internet and right here the significance of keywords come to the fore to help you reach your targeted customer base.

The Importance of Using a Keyword Planner

For a business trying to optimize its SEO functions, it is important to have a keyword planner in place. Keyword planners allow one to research which keywords are most appropriate for one’s business. One can use the Zutrix keyword planner tool to discover excellent keywords related to one’s products or brands and used by successful competitors. The performance metrics of relevant keywords and the cost for using them in marketing are available from the planner tool.

With its AI-approved technology, Zutrix does the performance review like a human with real-life results and information. SEO takes care of all your data on the website, so it is essential to track its performance occasionally. It is necessary to keep track of what your competitor is doing, and Zutrix plays a vital role in assisting you with that issue.

The question is, why should people choose Zutrix? Here are several benefits that only Zutrix can provide.

  • Keyword Planner – In SEO, keywords are crucial. To keep your information about keywords and their ranking is significant. The Zutrix software has a keyword planner tool to give you more insights into the keywords and their respective ranking. Thorough research on the keywords is also essential in normal circumstances, but with Zutrix keyword planner without much effort, accurate keywords for SEO and SEM is obtained that helps the business to find the right audience.
  • Click Rate – Through the click rate present, one can get an idea of which keyword is being searched daily. There is always one website that is first in rank, but then other websites closing into the first rank make the competition more intense. CPC (cost per click) helps to know how much each click on a keyword will cost when advertising on google ads.  The higher the cost, the better will be the keyword.   
  • Rank Tracking – Zutrix has intelligent rank tracking, which is different compared to the other software. Since there is AI-approved technology involved, one can estimate how many users are opening the website and searching for keywords, and searching up to thousands of keywords. This helps your SEO get better and more functioning. One can get real-time tracking where the search volumes of keywords determine which keyword is profitable for a particular business. One gets information not only about one’s SEO performance but also of competitor’s websites.
  • Having unlimited domains and getting notifications – Through Zutrix, one can have multiple domains on one website. Thus, when someone presses one domain, one receives all information required and records all the data. This is due to the user dashboard available on Zutrix, which helps keep track of your domains and is also very user-friendly. Another factor not seen in other software is getting notifications on time, and Zutrix does just that. With its AI technology, you get real-time notifications as soon as there are some updates or changes in the website or keyword rankings.
  • Competition – Particular keywords used by other websites in the same industry can help to know how competition using those keywords on their websites to advertise. The high number means more advertisers are using that keyword. Zutrix also displays a graph that shows your SEO’s performance in the past 7 to 10 days compared to the performance of your competitors’ websites. This helps in understanding what your SEO can do better.

 Tracking Keywords for Free – Pros and Cons

Indeed, the Zutrix pricing plans are affordable and range from $1 to $10 per month. Hence, many will use the free trial.  Here are some of the benefits that come with it.

  • Being able to track ten keywords daily
  • Access to 10 On-Demand updates, daily
  • Multiple domains
  • Real-time Notifications to you via mail as soon as there is any update
  • Access to Keyword planner tool for better information on most searched keywords

These are some of the available benefits with a free pack, but there are some restrictions also.

  • With the free plan, you can only track ten keywords and not more, which dampens the amount of information you can get if you buy one of the plans.
  • The paid versions have four packages, Starter, Basic and Standard, and Advance. They have features that are not available in the free package. They include keeping track of the competitors, live report sharing, SERP features, Google Search Console Import, advanced reporting, and the local results.
  • These packs mentioned above also allow you to search for more keywords ranging from 50, 250, 500, and 1000, respectively.
  • The Advanced pack also has white-label reports and allows a user to search up to 1000 keywords and daily updates.
  • Most importantly, the free pack does not have AI-level results. A number of the reports may not be 100 % accurate and give you incorrect information.

Keyword Planner Summary

There are many advantages of using the Zutrix keyword planner and tracking tools, which allows one to take corrective SEO actions and stay ahead of the competition. The highly accurate keyword planner is a game-changer for many businesses to come to the top of the ranks on search engines.

For such reasons, using Zutrix for your SEO performance review is excellent and essential as it gives data on keywords volume, competition score, CPC, and other relevant trends.

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