What Are the Best Technology and Gadget Blogs?

What Are the Best Technology and Gadget Blogs?

What Are the Best Technology and Gadget Blogs?

In the ever-evolving world of technology, finding the best blog to follow can be a daunting task. We’ve asked eleven industry leaders, including CEOs and Product Managers, to share their top picks. From reading GSMArena for its comprehensive mobile tech analysis to reviewing the digital marketing-focused blogs on TechCrunch, discover the best technology and gadget blogs as recommended by the experts.

  • GSMArena: Comprehensive Mobile Tech Analysis
  • In-Depth TV and Laptop Reviews
  • 9to5Mac: Personalized Apple Product Insights
  • VentureBeat: Debuting Tech Developments and Innovations
  • The Verge: Broad Topics and Active Community
  • CNET: Comprehensive and Impartial Tech Reporting
  • Gizmodo: Everyday Tech with Global Impact
  • TechGizmo Insights: Thorough Tech Evaluations
  • Unbiased Reviews and Buying Guides
  • Ars Technica: Wide Array of Tech Topics
  • TechCrunch: Digital Marketing Focused


GSMArena: Comprehensive Mobile Tech Analysis

As an experienced research analyst deeply immersed in the world of technology devices, I recommend GSMArena as the top technology and gadget blog. My experience with the blog has been different. 

GSMArena always provides comprehensive mobile phone information, comprehensive analysis, and thorough comparisons, ensuring that I am well-informed before making any technical decision. 

What sets GSMArena apart is its ability to provide insights into the latest devices and trends in the tech world, helping me make the right choices for my tech products as I buy them.‌ GSMArena consistently exceeds expectations, making it the best tech and gadget blog, providing all the information in one convenient place.

Praneeth Anand, Product Manager and Research Analyst, Remo Software In-Depth TV and Laptop Reviews is the best technology and gadget blog specifically for TV, monitor, and laptop reviews. Their tests are comprehensive, scientific, and in-depth. They measure key specs like input lag, contrast, color accuracy, and performance by comparing models side-by-side. 

I trust their recommendations when choosing a new TV, monitor, or laptop. One downside of this blog is the excessive amount of data, which can intimidate and confuse a non-tech person. A clear recommendation section would be a great addition to this blog.

Shivam Sharma, Founder, Blogging Capital


9to5Mac: Personalized Apple Product Insights

For those who love Apple products, 9to5Mac is like the go-to guidebook. I’ve been reading it for years, and trust me, it’s impressive. They don’t just tell you about the newest iPhone or MacBook; they share personal stories about using them.

What makes 9to5Mac special, compared to other tech blogs, is that they mix in their own experiences. Imagine reading about someone’s day with a new gadget, rather than just its specs. It feels more like a chat with a friend, right?

On top of that, 9to5Mac really focuses on helping its readers. They don’t just repeat what everyone else is saying. They give useful tips, like shortcuts on a device, and dive deep into what’s happening in the tech world. As a long-time fan, I’ve genuinely learned so much from them.

Burak Özdemir, Founder,


VentureBeat: Debuting Tech Developments and Innovations

VentureBeat is one of my favorite tech blogs on the internet because it is home to new technology developments and innovations before many people even know about them. It’s this driven and ground-breaking approach that draws me to this blog.

Being one of the first to debut new projects in the tech sphere is very challenging. You have hundreds of thousands of competitors all looking for the next big thing to debut on their website. 

With a reputable publication such as this one, there’s no doubt they have seasoned professionals and strong connections with those in the tech world, thus allowing them to publish content that’s accurate and attention-grabbing.

I’ve been following this blog since its creation in 2006, back when Internet Explorer was the dominant engine. I believe it should be noted that even with the evolution of platforms and search engines, VentureBeat has never lost its edge, as it’s still as sleek and transformative as it was almost 20 years ago.

Jack Vivian, Chief Technology Officer, Increditools


The Verge: Broad Topics and Active Community

One tech blog I follow every week for the latest tech trends and gadget updates is The Verge. I have been following them for the past six years, and if you are an admirer of Elon Musk, like me, you must check them out. 

Not that they only talk about Musk and his ventures. Their topics swing from apps and games to even cars and gadgets, like drones, cameras, and smart home appliances. They cover gadget reviews, the know-how of the latest tech events, and tutorials, so you’ll probably find everything you need. 

Also, I have witnessed their community grow over the years, which is pretty active and engaging, and a great place to find like-minded people. Plus, if you are not a big fan of reading or like to consume content while doing your thing, they also have podcast sections where they discuss unique topics that haven’t been covered in their blogs. 

They are available on most podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, etc., so it’ll be easy to access them.

Sairam Uppugundla, Founder and CEO, Codegnan


CNET: Comprehensive and Impartial Tech Reporting

In my career, I have read many technology and gadgets blogs. However, I find CNET the best technology and gadget blog for its comprehensive coverage of technology, the latest gadgets, and the most recent digital trends. 

The reviewers are highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals in their respective fields who offer thorough and honest feedback. I appreciate that CNET always maintains impartiality and stays unbiased in its reporting. 

They never seem to take sides and always present the facts clearly and objectively. CNET has a highly involved readership community that is always willing to assist and share their knowledge.

Dhari Alabdulhadi, CTO and Founder, Ubuy Kuwait


Gizmodo: Everyday Tech with Global Impact

In my personal opinion, the best technology and gadget blog out there is Gizmodo. Established in 2002, Gizmodo has been providing reliable and up-to-date information on all things tech-related for almost two decades now. Not only does this website provide accurate news coverage of all the latest tech trends, but it also offers user reviews on products as well as insightful editorials discussing the implications of new technological breakthroughs. As a long-time reader of Gizmodo, I can personally attest to its credibility and attention to detail when it comes to reporting accurate information about technology and gadgets.

Aslam Rehan, Marketing Assistant, SMS AutoForwarder


TechGizmo Insights: Thorough Tech Evaluations

The greatest blog in the ever-changing world of technology and gadgets is TechGizmo Insights. As the CEO of TechAhead, I understand the value of keeping up with the most recent technological developments.

TechGizmo Insights explores the underlying technology in addition to offering comprehensive analysis and evaluations of the newest devices. This all-encompassing strategy is consistent with TechAhead’s commitment to excellence and my strategic goal. 

The blog’s dedication to providing insightful content and its focus on the needs of its readers align with our principles. It’s important to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of technology, and TechGizmo Insights provides the information and perspectives needed to do so.

Vikas Kaushik, CEO, TechAhead Unbiased Reviews and Buying Guides is one of the best blogs, as it provides in-depth reviews and buying guides. All of their product reviews are based on firsthand experience and usage by the internal team. They are unbiased, unlike other influencers or bloggers.

Praveen Kumar, Chief Food Officer, Awesome Cuisine


Ars Technica: Wide Array of Tech Topics

Ars Technica is one of the best, oldest, and most reliable resources for all things tech and gadgets. This website has been a fixture on the tech scene for nearly as long as CNET, having been established in 1998. It is one of the most trusted hubs for articles spanning the realms of technology and science.

It serves as a go-to resource for tech experts, students, and enthusiasts looking to stay informed on an array of topics, ranging from AI Senate hearings to the latest on NASA’s Artemis program and updates on Apple’s iOS accessibility options. 

They even have articles on gaming, the car industry, the latest devices, and modern software. For those interested in the intersection of technology and commerce, Ars Technica is an invaluable source to keep abreast of the tech industry and business trends.

Precious Abacan, Digital Marketing Manager, Softlist


TechCrunch: Digital Marketing Focused

TechCrunch is to digital marketing what Vogue is to the fashion industry and Forbes is to the finance industry. The blog focuses on news, analysis, and overviews of the marketing landscape, providing a wide, yet detailed, picture of the growing marketing world.

TechCrunch is one of the most pertinent sites for keeping a watchful eye on our field of activity, staying up-to-date, and reaffirming our message. The layout is also a huge plus.

Gabriel Kaam, CEO, KNR Agency


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