What gadgets changed your life?

what tech gadgets changed your life

What gadgets changed your life?

From Google’s smart speaker to ChatGPT, here are 17 answers to the question, “Which gadgets have changed your life?”

  • Google Smart Speaker
  • Smartphone
  • The Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk
  • My Kindle With a Backlight
  • A 3D Printer
  • A Roomba
  • Drones
  • SAD Lamp
  • The Oura Ring
  • Whoop Fitness Tracker
  • Noise-canceling Headphones
  • Theragun
  • Airtags
  • An Electric Heating Pad
  • An Infrared Grill
  • Smart Home Assistants
  • ChatGPT

Google Smart Speaker

For Christmas about four years ago, I got a Google Home smart speaker. Little did I know it would change how I interacted with my home forever.

At first, I would just ask Google Home what the weather would be and the time. That changed when I got my first smart light switch. I was then able to turn off the lights automatically and dim them to a percentage. I was then hooked and loved the idea of a fully automated home.

Most of my lights and outlets are switched to Google Home compatibility. I can now change the temperature and lock the doors to the whole house just by asking my Google to do so. The new Google system is partnered with Nest and allows me to have a full security system as well. It’s amazing how one gift could change how I interact with my home.

Evan McCarthy, President and CEO, Sporting Smiles


For me, the gadget that changed my life was a smartphone. I remember when I first got one and how it made me feel empowered to do so much on the go. With this device, I could access the internet, check emails, take pictures and videos, use social media applications, and even play games whenever I wanted. It also made it easier for me to stay in touch with friends, family, and business contacts.

Everything I needed was at my fingertips. Using a smartphone, I could search for information quickly, plan trips and routes more conveniently, and enjoy entertainment options that were formerly unavailable to me. With this device, I could also stay on top of the news and make sure that I was always up to date with the most recent events.

Amira Irfan, Founder and CEO, A Self Guru

The Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

The Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk has been a revelation for me as a business owner. I used to suffer from long hours spent sitting in front of a computer, leading to aches, pains, and a general feeling of lethargy. But since switching to a standing desk, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my physical and mental health.

The ability to alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day has not only helped me stay active but has also increased my energy levels and focus. I find myself feeling less tired and more productive, which is crucial for a business owner who needs to be at the top of their game.

Not only has this gadget improved my health, but it has also transformed my workspace into a more comfortable and visually appealing environment. The bamboo material gives it a warm and natural feel, while the sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to my office.

Arthur Worsley, Founder, The Art Of Living

My Kindle With a Backlight

Around six years ago, I wasn’t into reading at all. I would maybe read one or two books a year, maximum. Then, when I became self-employed, this started to change, and I got into self-development books.

But I had an issue; I wanted to be a digital nomad but had tons of books in my house that I would have to throw away. I didn’t—I donated most of them instead, but it was around this time that I purchased my Kindle with a backlight.

The Kindle, of course, helps me to read while still being a full-time digital nomad, and completely takes away the need for physical books. But I love the backlight feature more than I ever thought I would.

There are times when I find it hard to sleep, and in the past, I would have to turn on the light and disturb my wife with my physical book. Now, I don’t. I can read in peace at any time of the day. It’s been a life-changer.

Ravi Davda, CEO, Rockstar Marketing

A 3D Printer

I have had a 3D printer for three years, and I have to say, it has changed my life in so many ways.

First, it allows me to make whatever I want whenever I want it, which makes me feel like there’s no limit to what I can accomplish. Second, it saves me a lot of money! Because I can make things myself instead of buying them at the store, I’m saving hundreds of dollars each year on everything from toys for my kids to household goods like soap dispensers and shower curtains.

And finally, having a 3D printer means that when something breaks down or gets lost (and let’s face it—that happens all the time), I just print off another one instead of having to go out and buy something new!

RengieWisper, Marketing Manager, Check CPS

A Roomba

Not being tied to a 9-5 role, I often find myself hustling away in the office late, so I have gotten to know the cleaners very well. However, as I usually work in relative silence, I can handle general office noise, but the sound of the cleaners’ vacuuming is something my brain cannot compete with.

Concentration is key for me while working. Ironically, after suffering in silence for a few months, I decided enough was enough and I invested in a Roomba. Whenever I worked late enough, I would set it off in the office, so the cleaners wouldn’t need to vacuum. It was a win for their workload and a win for mine, in completely different ways.

The Roomba isn’t quiet, but it is much less disturbing than industrial vacuum cleaners. Don’t tell the building owner though, as it does a decent job too. Now, if I can only get accounts to put my Roomba through on expenses!

Hardy Selo, Property and Digital Marketing Expert, Property Guru


The gadget that changed my life and turned into a passionate business venture for me has been unmanned vehicles like drones, land rovers, etc. Drones specifically caught my eye while I was visiting a construction site and witnessed several incompetencies that construction units faced, and my idea of how a drone possibly could help them out. I immediately thought of drones and their application for construction companies.

From the planning of the project, marking the available area, and cutting down the survey costs, the images that are captured by a drone can help construction companies cut many days and hundreds of man-hours to correctly estimate the project’s status and efficiency.

Walter Lappert, CEO, Triad Drones

SAD Lamp

I’ve lived in a few places that didn’t get much sunshine in the winter. The winters can drag on and leave everyone feeling pretty down by the end of the season, so I decided to invest in a SAD lamp for my desk.

These lamps help boost vitamin D production and encourage your brain to produce feel-good chemicals like serotonin. Using it in the morning when it’s still dark outside makes me feel more awake and ready to take on the day. I leave it beside my computer as a reminder to use it regularly!

Jack Underwood, CEO and Co-Founder, Circuit

The Oura Ring

The Oura ring changed my life. It is a wearable that tracks various aspects of my health and wellness. Knowing the metrics for my sleep, physical activity, and stress levels have empowered me to gradually change these areas to perform optimally.

It tracks the quality and duration of my sleep, providing insights into factors affecting sleep latency and quality. I used this information to adjust my bedtime routine and habits to improve my sleep. The ring also tracks my HRV or heart rate variability, which informs me of my stress levels. By knowing my HRV, I implemented strategies to manage my stress more effectively.

This has resulted in significant improvements in my physical and mental health. I am now a high-performing CEO, running two businesses while deeply involved with my family. I would not be able to make the necessary changes to get to this level if I weren’t aware of the health metrics mentioned above.

Peter Hoopis, Owner and CEO, Peter Hoopis

Whoop Fitness Tracker

I wore a Whoop fitness tracker for 15 months, and it radically changed the way I understood my sleep.

By providing me with a sleep/recovery score each morning, I could run basic A/B tests to see what behavioral modifications would lead to the best sleep performance. One of the most eye-opening realizations was learning how eating an earlier dinner led to far superior sleep. I had an antiquated notion that food before bed would help me stay satiated and asleep, but just the opposite was happening.

Eating before bed was causing my digestive system to ramp up into high gear right as my body was trying to fall asleep. My wife makes fun of me for eating at 5 p.m. most nights, but it’s made a difference.

Brett Ungashick, CEO and CHRO, OutSail

Noise-canceling Headphones

As someone living in the middle of a busy city, I know the struggle of noisy distractions when trying to focus or have some peace and quiet. When I first stumbled upon noise-canceling headphones, I felt as though I had found an oasis of peace and quiet in an otherwise hectic world.

The technology completely changed how I interact with sounds and handle disturbances—it gave me the freedom to enjoy my environment whenever and wherever I want. It was such an amazing experience that inspired me to do something that could help others find their own sense of peaceful isolation at home. Noise-canceling headphones opened the door to my success.

Ludovic Chung-Sao, Lead Engineer and Founder, Zen Soundproof


As someone who often works at a computer desk, my neck, back, and forearms are chronically sore. While I learned to live with it, I bought a Theragun at a friend’s recommendation, and it has made a massive difference in how I feel.

I don’t have to wait weeks or months between massages, easily using it for about 10 minutes every night. I wake up feeling stronger and more refreshed than I have in years.

Though I have the upgraded Prime version, friends with the less expensive Mini tell me they’re reaping all the same benefits. It’s one of those things I avoided investing in for some time, but it has made such a big impact my only regret is not buying one sooner.

Maximilian Wühr, CGO and Co-Founder, FINN


As a person who is constantly misplacing everything, I have a growing collection of AirTags. They are great for finding your keys, wallet, your car that you lost in the parking lot. The list goes on. I’d even recommend them for people whose cats like to go wandering off. I’d be lost without them, and my mind is so much more at ease knowing I can track where everything is.

Jarir Mallah, HR Specialist, Ling App

An Electric Heating Pad

Electric heating pads offer on-demand relief from muscle soreness, stiffness, and other aches and pains with just the push of a button. Not only do they provide immediate warmth and comfort, but they also save me time and energy since I don’t have to heat up water or manually heat up a blanket.

Another intangible benefit is saving me from my wife’s favors and annoying her every time I ask for help! Furthermore, electric heating pads are portable, so I can take them everywhere I go without worrying about being without relief. Health is wealth; they say it for a reason!

Harman Singh, Director, Cyphere

An Infrared Grill

The Camplux Propane Infrared Steak Grill allows me and my family to eat restaurant-quality steak whether we’re in the backyard or adventuring further afield. The best thing about this technology is that it promotes consistency, ensuring food is cooked quickly, evenly, and efficiently. This is great for me, as we have a couple of picky eaters in the family, who like their food just so.

Knowing I can give them exactly what they expect takes the stress out of travel, camping, and long journeys. This technology also ensures I get the best out of my ingredients. Meat is always tender and thoroughly cooked without being dry, as the infrared heat is gentler, despite high temperatures. Food is cooked speedily and safely.

This grill is easy to transport, set up, and clean. It sounds silly, but a good meal makes a big difference. With this, I can enjoy the maximum taste, minimum effort, and make the most of family time.

Shawn Hill, Owner, The Grilling Dad

Smart Home Assistants

My life may be completely changed by installing a smart home assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Thanks to the built-in virtual assistant, I can use these gadgets to command the lights and electronics in my house simply by speaking to them.

I can also use them to set alarms and reminders, play music, and manage other smart home devices. Incorporating a smart home assistant into my daily routine has helped me save money on utilities, become more efficient, and improve the overall quality of life in my home.

Philip Atkinson, Founder, Ignite Images


ChatGPT changed my life in many ways. I found myself able to quickly prototype and develop new ideas with the help of its AI-driven natural language processing capabilities. It has saved me time by helping me find relevant information faster than ever before.

Leo Vaisburg, Managing Partner, Amazon Suspension Lawyer

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