Top 12 Must-Have Tech Gadgets in 2021

top 12 influential tech gadgets

From smartphones to digital cameras, influential tech gadgets can improve your quality of life. Since technology grows at breakneck speed, failure to shop around once a while means you may end up missing the chance to own the latest essential gizmos. Here are the top 12 influential gadgets to consider buying in the new year.

1) Ring Stick Up Camera

In recent years, doorbell cameras have increasingly become popular. Nevertheless, you can take your affordable home security systems to a different level in 2021. Supplement your home surveillance systems with a Ring Stick Up Camera as it can be synced with your other devices to revamp your security during the lockdown. These cameras are readily mountable on a wall surface inside-out. The smart camera is motion-sensitive, providing up to 1080p high definition video, and this further makes it a cool gadget for security-conscious homeowners.

2) Drone

A drone is a cool kit for avid travelers and photographers. Invest in a drone for your travel adventures and capture beautiful scenes at your destinations. Modern drones are easy to operate and they come with advanced features. A smart drone can open up your world, allowing you to get airborne and explore new possibilities. Drone models like the Mavic Air are lightweight, yet they come with advanced software and inbuilt stabilization.

Are you looking for an alternative innovative tech gadget to live your best life in 2021? Consider investing in the DJI Mini 2 drone from This advanced drone can help you capture your most cherished moments. The DJI Mini 2 drone with its 4k 12-megapixel camera is the perfect solution to make your next adventure a delight.

3) Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones

The U.S. brand Klipsch has been leading the audio industry for over seven decades. So, it’s not surprising that they’ve been able to break into the headphones and earphones market since 2007. The Klipsch T5 II is one of their latest world-acclaimed earphone models. It comes with advanced acoustic features to make your music world unforgettable. Its battery strength is quite good as it can last for 8 hours per charge. Six pairs of contour ear tips plus a transparency mode offer you the opportunity to listen to good quality sounds.

4) Pixel 5 5G

If you’re a big fan of 5G technology, perhaps you’ll want to acquire Google’s Pixel range. It’s one of the newest 5G-enabled tech gadgets to own in 2021. While it’s relatively affordable, the Pixel 5 5G boasts powerful features. For example, the camera software is far better than you thought. With a Snapdragon 765G chipset and 8GB RAM, you should have a seamless experience with Pixel 5. The design of this model and its OS are pretty good, and it can be held easily with one hand — a handy piece of electronic device that’s worth every penny.

5) Apple iPhone

Apple Inc takes pride in being the first tech company to put powerful computers into millions of users’ pockets. Launched in 2007, the Apple iPhone has gone through several transformations to attain its current reputation in the smartphone market. There are many awesome smartphones globally, but Apple iPhones are on a different level, not only because of their price but also their value.  

What truly makes iPhones marketable are their features. Apple iPhones completely revolutionized how people communicate, play video games, and perform other vital tasks. If the idea of using a luxury phone sounds great to you, consider getting the latest iPhone, and transform your lifestyle.

6) Nurvv Run

Are you looking for ways to improve your fitness in the new year? Why not use Nurvv Run? It allows you to get a better view of your workouts than a conventional smartwatch would. Once you line your running shoes with some smart sensor insoles s and hook them up to GPS and your smartphone, you’re on your way to reshaping your fitness routines. 

After each end of your run, Nurvv will break down your foot strike, step length, balance and other vital metrics to help you know what you’re getting right or wrong. With the aid of biomechanics and professional fitness coaching, you can set and achieve significant health and wellness goals. Nurvv Run allows you to fine-tune your approach to running and decrease your risks of injuries.

7) Nintendo Entertainment System

Lockdown won’t be boring with Nintendo Entertainment Systems. The gaming industry was made complete when Nintendo’s rain-gray console entered the market. You can play over eighty games with the Nintendo Switch system. Do you want to compete with friends online? You can share your screen or virtually pass the controller according to the game. 

Nintendo offers you super classic NES games to have fun and their Entertainment Systems are perfect gifts for all people who love games to the fullest. The NES Classic Edition is a mini version of the popular NES that made waves when released in 1985. Plug your NES classic into your TV, take your gray controller, and rule your world like a real boss.

8) Apple iPad

When Apple introduced the iPad in 2010, it marked a new era of the evolution of personal computers. Apple iPads might not have been the first tablets to take the world by storm, but now they signify the great achievements the tech giant has chalked over the last few years. 

Apple sold out about 300,000 iPads on the very first day of their launch; that record matched the first day sales of the iPhone when they showcased it to consumers. Apple iPads have gone on to dominate the tablet market and may be worth your investment if you’re looking for a handy personal computer to do all the fun things on the internet. 

9) PlayStation 5

November 2020 marked the peak of the tech rivalry between Microsoft and Sony. The release of the Xbox series X and that of PlayStation 5 happened on the same day. Each individual’s view of which is the best machine is quite subjective. However, the launch of PS5 came with big promises, including franchise titles like Spider-Man and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. PlayStation 5 technical specifications are impressive as they guarantee much faster load times; users can immerse themselves in the controller’s sensational experiences.

PS5 consoles were hotcakes for the festive Christmas season. Order your PlayStation 5 online, or better still, visit the nearest retailer to get cheaper digital editions of the console.

10) Phone sanitizer

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has just emerged, and as usual, hand sanitizers, nose masks, and social distancing are safety protocols. Well, a PhoneSoap phone sanitizer could also help you disinfect your mobile device. Since almost everyone is physically connected to their phones, it makes sense to say that phones are breeding grounds for bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. 

Everything you touch throughout the day will eventually end up on your phone screen. Unfortunately, washing your phone with water may be a bad idea, making PhoneSoap 3 the best option here. This innovative tool can literally bathe your phone with ultraviolet (UV) light and wipe out bacteria within minutes. You can also use it to clean your keys and earphones. As a plus, PhoneSoap 3 allows you to charge your device while sanitizing your phone.

11) Ember Temperature Control Mug 2

Coffee and tea beverages fuel the world, but it can be a bad experience for your tastebuds to neglect your coffee mug for a few minutes only to come back and taste a lukewarm drink. Are you a coffee lover? Get yourself The Ember Temperature Control Mug 2, designed for beverage drinkers out there who want to set and maintain a good drink temperature for over one hour. 

The device features a charging saucer and an application that allows you to preset an optimum temperature for certain types of drinks. While the price may be high, this luxury mug can make your breakfast great. If you’re a sipper who dislikes cold drinks, let the Ember Temperature Control Mug 2 be your best friend.

12) Sleep headphones & Apple Watch

Enjoying a good night’s sleep makes you stronger the following day. Since many people spend a good third of their lives in the bedroom, you can even sleep better with sleep phones. The Bluetooth sleep mask has an eye mask to block light as well. Wear your sleep headphones and fall asleep as you listen to your favorite album or audiobook.

Another smart piece of digital equipment that can add significant value to your life is the Apple Watch SE. New alterations have seen Apple Watches increase in functionality since they were first launched in 2015. The Apple Watch SE boasts numerous benefits as the previous models: track your fitness, monitor your sleep cycles, check texts and read your emails. While the Apple Watch SE is a good fit for beginners, advanced users can use the Apple Watch to unlock more features at higher prices.

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