Ways To Have A Great Picture With Iphone 14 Pro


Everyone wants to take better photos, but iPhone users especially want to do that. You frequently see stunning images posted on social media with the phrase “Shot on iPhone,” which makes you wonder how you might improve your photography. The iPhone gets widely regarded as one of the best smartphones you can buy if you care about camera quality. See our advice below to make the most of your iPhone’s camera and capture some genuinely stunning images.

Up swipe for extra control:

There is a less complicated manner to get to the ones extra controls human beings use to hone their pics earlier than taking them, and it is the worst-stored mystery amongst iPhone 14 pro users. Without a doubt, you can swipe up on the viewfinder rather than tapping the arrow pointing down on the app’s top. The controls you notice subsequently will have extra unique management over the advent of your pictures. There are controls for the flash, nighttime mode, photographic styles, component ratio, exposure, timer, shade filters, and RAW toggle.

For sharper pictures, use a tripod:

We previously mentioned how occasionally shaking your iPhone occurs when you press the shutter button, resulting in blurry pictures. You can get excellent results when you point and shoot while holding your phone when taking selfies and basic snapshots. But when taking difficult shots like low-light shots, action shots, or photographs of moving water, you might want to spend money on an iphone tripod if you want to get razor-sharp photos.

Keep an eye out for novel viewpoints and angles:

To capture the scene in front of them, the majority of photographers hold their cameras at eye level by default. At dusk or when viewed from a worm’s eye angle, buildings appear more intimidating and massive, and the scene looks entirely different. Here are some of the most popular photo themes if you’re taking pictures for social media: monochrome, sunsets, waterfalls, food, vintage, and travel.If you enjoy using your iPhone to take beautiful pictures of sunrises and sunsets, you’ll appreciate using a sunset light. Many pros use sunset lamp, which is available on, as backgrounds to create the perfect atmosphere for indoor photography. Before you shoot the image, decide on the angle that will grab your audience’s attention the most.

Change the exposure:

You have two options for adjusting your exposure if you discover that your subject is too bright or overexposed when using natural light. When the sun icon appears on the right side, tap it and then slide your finger up or down to focus on that particular object. It will increase or decrease exposure levels, giving you much more control over how the scene in front of you appears.

Obtain a grid:

Using a grid is one of our favorite methods for capturing images with an iPhone because it aids in focusing on a subject. You can enable a 3-inch-by-3-inch grid by going to Settings > Camera and selecting the Composition section. It will help you decide where to place your subject in the frame.


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