A Review of the New Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case

Mkeke sells one of the most beautifully crafted iPhone 14 Pro clear cases in the market today. Protecting your beautiful mobile devices, the case’s design philosophy and the transparent look helps to keep your $1,000 devices not only safe, but allows you to enjoy the look and the feel of the exquisite phones.

However, is Mkeke’s clear cases worth it? Let’s review what is on offer.

Why Need an iPhone Case?

Before we look at Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro clear case, we have to understand the reason why anyone would want a case in the first place.

The iPhone 14 has been available for a few months now and diehard fans are loving the powerful device. The most powerful iPhone launched yet, it comes in four variations, from the iPhone Plus to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. With the iPhone 14 Pro touching $1,000, it’s a significant money to invest in a mobile device.

As such, protecting the new iPhone is a must for any owner. From small bumps to dropping out of hands, iPhones today can take a lot of abuse, but ask any iPhone 14 Pro owner and they will not prefer to take the risk.

The obvious solution is using a case that grants more safety from physical hits and damage.

Mkeke: A Choice of Many

One particular brand that stands out in the sea of different iPhone case providers is Mkeke. The Mkeke brand has been around since 2015, offering top-notch iPhone cases that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but offer a good all-round physical protection. This is due to the brand’s mission of delivering products that are designed to complement your iPhone’s look and increase its protection.

Mkeke iPhone cases are also popular. iPhone cases by Mkeke have been available on Amazon for some time now and over the years; the brand has garnered in excess of 1 million excellent ratings.

The good ratings are just one aspect of the company’s commitment towards creating premium products. Mkeke has already achieved the Best Seller status on Amazon, putting it on the group of elite product providers that are at the top on the platform.

Along with this, Mkeke is also proud to be Amazon’s Choice seller. This tag is not easy to achieve as it involves many considerations by Amazon, such as overall rating, price, popularity, feedback from customers, availability, etc. This just goes to show the quality and commitment of Mkeke. It also boasts the Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly badge, a proof of its service towards being climate friendly in its services and products. This way, it not only protects your iPhones, but the planet too.

iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case

Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case

Mkeke’s clear case for iPhone 14 Pro, launched in 2022, is one of the best protective casings for the mobile devices in the market today. Starting at just over $12, the case is not only economical, but offers robust protective options any iPhone 14 Pro owner would want.

At first glance, the most obvious characteristics of the Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro clear case is its transparency. While not a protection, it fits into the design philosophy of providing a barrier against physical damage without compromising on the looks of the device itself. Apart from being a transparent case that allows a user to view their device in its originality, it is also slim. The slim form factor makes it easy to handle the devices for everyday use without making it too thick to hold or keep in a pocket.

The iPhone 14 clear case doesn’t compromise on protection, even with the slim build. Raised bezels for the screen and the rear cameras protect these from scratches when placed on a flat service, while the 4 airbags at each corner of the case protect your iPhone from drops.

The raised bezels give enough protection to keep your iPhone Pro screen safe from scratches, but if you are looking for an extra layer of protection, we highly recommend you to check out their tempered glass protectors to compliment the case.

Made from high-grade polycarbonate, the iPhone 14 Pro clear case is smooth to the touch and feels natural in your hand. The case also has anti-yellowing properties so it does not degrade and become opaque over the years of use and maintains the clear fresh look.

One thing that particularly stands out is the accuracy of the cutouts in the case. Engineered to perfection, the button and rear camera holes are accurate and the right size, letting iPhone owners operate the different buttons and switch naturally as if there was no case there at all.

The Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case comes in a beautiful slim box and carries a 2 years warranty to protect your precious device against bumps, scratches and sudden drops.

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