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Warmool Heater Reviews Ireland & UK [Updated]: Don’t Spend A DIME Till You Read This!

Warmool heater Ireland & Uk

As winter slightly ushers itself in and with it the accompanying cold, all we can all think of, I especially, is how much I miss being warm. Then follows the thought of possible ways to keep your body and your environment warm through the whistling cold of the winter season.

No wonder that as winter draws close each year, there is an increase in the number of people seeking to keep warm either by getting themselves an apartment with a fireplace or by getting themselves a heater.

As time passed, we noticed the conventional heaters were more effective in getting the job done… More than can be said for a fireplace. However even the great and efficient conventional heaters had their setbacks: power consumption which translates to increased electricity bills. Also, it faced the problem of not being portable, limiting the number of locations where it can be put to good use.

Brilliant Engineers thought of a way around these problems. That was when the idea of portable indoor heaters was born. Today you can have a very light and portable heater occupying little to no space. Travel with it, and also use the same portable indoor heater in different places. All of these seemed impossible some decades back. Though now you can have one heater for use at different locations; home, office, bedroom, bathroom, camping, tents, anywhere, the same heater. And that is the beauty of portable indoor heaters.

Making the decision of which heater is right for you can become hard. This is because sometimes there are products out there that don’t actually do what they claim to do. This is where we come in, helping you out with all the information we have on your product of interest as you will see with this review shortly.

This review will take you through all you need to know about this product which is one of the best portable heaters.

What is Warmool heater? [Warmool Heater]

Warmool heater is an eco-friendly, compact, and portable indoor heater whose main aim is to bring about rapid and effective warmth in its environment without wasting electricity and at the same time avoiding incurring avoidable costs which usually come with the use of conventional heaters and warmers. It is one of the closest friends a person can have in winter.

A warmool heater is a revolutionary space heater designed to provide warmth in homes, offices, and other places of interest in cold conditions. This gadget comes really comes in handy during the winter season because of the accompanying fierce cold.

It has a simple and compact design so it can easily fit into places but you must not underestimate its ability because of its size. Its compact and small size is actually an advantage that makes it easy to always tag along with its users anywhere they might be needing some heating or warmth.

This small fitted portable indoor heater contains a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic element inside that generates enough heat to warm your environment in as little as 2 to 3 seconds. With just the push of the power button, you can warm up your space or environment while it is cold and freezing out there.

The ceramic element and other components of the Warmool heater are covered and protected by the aluminum radiator mesh which we see on the outside. It contains a fan inside which pushes out the generated heat towards you.

On the top of the device is the control panel containing the buttons for control and choices. The power button, the mode button (fan, warm, hot), the button for increasing or decreasing the intensity of the generated heat, then there is the LCD display which shows the temperature it is functioning at.

The Warmool heater provides a wide coverage while warming up the environment covering. It can warm up a space of 79 square meters. Also there it has a wide-angle function capable of covering about 75 degrees. This implies the heat it generates is not distributed in a linear fashion, this helps it warm up different parts of the room at the same time.

This device is eco-friendly and very safe for use. It also has some safety mechanisms put in place to prevent possible accidents that might be associated with its use. For instance, is the “Tip-Over Protection” which automatically turns off the heater whenever the heater tips over and falls, whatever the cause may be. There is also the autoregulatory function where the heater turns itself off when overheated and automatically turns on when there is cold.

The nice thing about this portable indoor heater is that it was designed budget-conscious. So, it saves you a lot of money when compared to the alternative. Also of its many features, it is cheap and affordable.

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Features That Warmool heater [Warmool heater Review]

Portability: this is one of the features most of our customers love about Warmool heater. the fact that it is portable makes it suitable for use in different locations. It measures 21 cm in height and 14 cm in width. The size makes it an easy fit for bags.

Convenient: The Warmool heater unlike some other portable is convenient to use. It also owes this to its size. Being small it does not occupy much space. This means it won’t get in your way; maybe there is a particular way you like your things arranged or something. With a mini-sized heater, there is no need for any adjustments.

Fast heat-up: Warmool heater is capable of altering the temperature of its surrounding in as little as 2 to 3 seconds. No matter how cold it gets, the Warmool heater ensures that you are just one click away from being warm.

This is unlike what we see with some portable heaters out there where you have to wait a while for the heat to come on. Special thanks to the designers for using the PTC ceramic element in its design to bring about this feature. Likened to doorstep delivery of warmth on order.

Thermal Resistance Protection: this is simply an intelligent automatic temperature control. When the device gets too hot, it is automatically shut off because of its adjustable thermostat. This helps avert the possible disasters that may be associated with an overheated device. You will know that leaving an electronic device to overheat may result in a malfunction of the device and in extreme cases, loss of life and property. This is why proactive steps were taken in the production of the Warmool heater to avoid any of these sad events.

Tip-over protection: This is also one of the awe-inspiring features of this portable indoor heater Warmool heater. This is where it gets different from the other portable (and even compact)  heaters. This is installed as a safety feature to prevent and avert any possible accidents or incidents that can be associated with the use of portable heaters. Whenever your heater tips over and falls, it gets automatically shut off.

Wide coverage: the small but mighty device can serve a considerable size of a closed space. Its range covers an area of 79 square metres. It also has a wide angle with 70 degrees of auto oscillation. This gives it a rotatory function so that it is able to warm different sides of the room at the same time by spreading the side from side to side for better heat dispersal.

Different modes: the Warmool heater has three (3) different modes on which it can be used. There is the Cool Fan mode, Warm Heat mode, and High Heat mode. So technically it is not only a portable heater but also a portable fan.

Then Cool fan mode can be used to bring about a cool breeze at a 5 Watts

The Warm Heat mode heats the room at 600 Watts

The High Heat mode heats the room at 1200 Watts

You can choose the mode you want just by tapping the mode button on the top. So, depending on the temperature of your environment you choose which mode you think is suitable for you.

Safe: You might have something along the lines of “Warmool heater is a heat radiator”. It simply means it generates and disperses heat. It has nothing to do with radiation in the sense that is detrimental to health.

It is eco-friendly and totally safe to use: Also as we have already seen, it has tip-over protection and an adjustable thermostat, all to ensure the safety of its users.

Energy-saving and Cost-effective: It saves its users a lot of money in electricity bills. Every winter households burn a lot of electricity to keep warm. Warmool heater being cost-effective means it costs little and in addition to that, saves you some money off the heater-related electricity bills. Warmool heater is sold at an affordable price – yet it gets the job done. Homes and households should get themselves a Warmool heater to save some money this winter.

Noiseless operation: It operates at a noiseless frequency. Yeah, it’s a heater, not a speaker. Warms the room without generating any noise that might disturb its user during activity or sleep.

Easy to use: this portable indoor heater is really easy to use. The designers made sure that the operations are very simple so that just about everyone can operate them. You do not need any technical knowledge to use it. Operating it is just as easy as switching on your fan and choosing which speed you would like it to operate at.

Warmool Heater Reviews Ireland & UK 

Specifications of Warmool heater

  • Dimension 21 cm * 14 cm
  • Energy saving
  • PTC Ceramic element
  • ABS fire-retardant plastic material
  • LCD display
  • Wide-angle 70 degrees coverage
  • Tip-over protection
  • Overheat protection

How does the Warmool heater work? [Warmool heater Review]

In simple terms, this simple energy-saving heater was designed for warming the surrounding air. This is made possible by the presence of the turbine fan within the heater. The turbine draws the air into the heater. The absorbed air is passed through the PTC ceramic plate. This ceramic element is responsible for generating the heat needed to warm the air. The warm air now exists in the outer mesh to warm the surrounding.

When you press the “Turn” button on the top of the device, you activate the oscillation function and it has a wide angle of 70 degrees as we already discussed.

How to use warmool heater.

Being easy to use is of one the most liked features among customers. Its installation process is very simple. All you have to do is follow the instructions below.

Get the Warmool heater, and place it on a flat surface so that it stays stable

Plug it in

Switch the Red power switch on the lower part of its back

Then press the turn on/off button on its top.

The LCD display will show the temperature.

Then with the mode button you choose which mode you want and with the +/- button increase or decrease the heat.

To activate the oscillation function, just press the “Turn” button

While using the Warmool heater, please do not cover the top with paper or anything. This will activate the tip-over protection which will automatically turn off the device.

It is that easy to use, really.


To know which mode you are currently using, you can check the temperature on the LCD display or check the indicator lights on the top.

The Blue light – cool fan

The Red light – Heater 

Why is warm pool heater so special [Warmool heater Review]

Warmool heater is a revolutionary and cost-saving heater that will help keep your surroundings warm during the cold season of winter. Conventional household heaters have a way of consuming excessive electricity in a bid to do their function accruing large amounts of electricity bills to the users even though sometimes they are a tad deficient in proper functioning.

Warmool heater designed as a portable heater for indoor use was made in a way that it is light and occupies very little space. This is just a glimpse of one of its numerous features that makes it one hell of a portable indoor heater. Having just one is enough because now you are not limited by location. When you leave the house for work, you can take it with you so that it also serves in your workplace and any place you might be needing its service.

For instance, if you are outside the home and out of reach of the convenience of your heater, what do you do? Shake and jam your teeth in an attempt not to freeze. No, not when you are in possession of the Warmool heater. All you have to do is find a space and put on your portable heater. You would be surprised how warm the environment will get, but not as surprised as you will be at how fast it warms. 

Pros and Cons Of Warmool Heater Ireland & UK

Pros [Warmool heater Review]

  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • Ecofriendly
  • Energy saving
  • 3 seconds heat up
  • Safe
  • Wide coverage
  • Easy to use
  • Overheat protection
  • Tip over protection
  • Noiseless operation
  • Makes for a wonderful winter gift
  • Cost-effective
  • Price discount

Cons [Warmool heater Review]

  • It is only available online
  • There is a limited supply of the product

How to order the Warmool heater

The order process is easy. Click on any of the purchase links in this article and you will be taken to the checkout page. On the checkout page, fill in your contact information for the delivery, then choose the number of Warmool heaters you want. Don’t forget to choose your payment option.

You can pay via PayPal, or debit card.

There is an ongoing whopping 50% discount on the product which we do not know when it will be retracted, so you will do well to get yours now.

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FAQs [Warmool heater Review]

Is the Warmool heater safe to use?

The answer is Yes. The warmool heater is 100 % safe to use. The warmool heater is eco-friendly and has some safety measures integrated within it to prevent accidents. This includes the Tip-over protection which turns it off when it falls on its top and also, the Overheat protection that turns it off when it overheats

How does the Warmool heater work?

It works by drawing air in with the aid of its turbine. The drawn air is made to pass through a PTC ceramic plate which generates heat and warms the air. The now warm air is given off as heat to warm the environment.

Where can I get Warmool heater?

This device can only be ordered online from their official website. There is a 50 % price discount at the moment. You should get yours now before the discount is withdrawn.

Which part of the world can I order from?

The Warmool heater ships to all parts of the world; Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe, etc. 

Conclusion – [Warmool heater Review]

Having gone through the Warmool heater review with us, we believe you now know more about this portable indoor heater, its features, and its advantages. The same knowledge I believe is responsible for the increasing number of buyers around the globe.

A warm pool heater is a product every home and household should have. It is portable, saves energy and money, it is easy to use with safety features in place to prevent incidents. Not to mention the speed at which it operates.

The Warmool heater also makes for a wonderful winter gift. You can get this gift for family or friends to keep them warm during the cold weather.

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