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Warmool Reviews: Does Warmool Heater Really Work?

warmool heater

When the weather is favorable, especially during the winter, one is always appreciative. However, given the present gas crisis, it is tough to cope with the prospect of a frigid winter. After all, gas is scarce, and everyone is expected to reduce their consumption. Many people are now exploring how to provide an alternative to freezing to death. Many people consider buying a fan heater, which gets its energy from electricity. However, in most circumstances, this is not a viable option because standard gadgets require a significant amount of power.  Get 50% OFF on Warmool and FREE Delivery!

What is Warmool Heater?

It is a portable space heater; while it’s on, one can scarcely hear it, which means one may enjoy a good night’s sleep. It’s compact and simple to use. The Warmool heater has various unique settings that are used to manage the temperature that it distributes. There is a fan behind that sucks in outside air, brings it inside the Warmool heater, and then heats and disperses it from the front end to assist regulate the ambient temperature.

It includes all of the functions that one would expect from an excellent small heater. Furthermore, a person has the option of heating all rooms that are up to 20 square meters in size, according to the company. In any event, the inventors claim that the personal space in the heated room is up to 37% warmer than previously. A Perfect Solution to Fight Cold Anytime Anywhere

How does it work?

The key lies in the technologies used. The ceramic element retains heat for 30% longer, resulting in reduced energy loss from repeated heating. Warmool produces greater heat using less energy than typical heaters.

Because it is portable, it can warm up any space up to 20 square meters and make it 37% warmer in a matter of minutes and for a low cost.


Ceramic exterior—It is enclosed in a ceramic substance, which makes it highly strong. Accidents happen, and Space Heater may tumble off the table, but this ceramic material, will reduce the damage to the gadget. Also, because ceramic is a poor conductor of heat, it keeps the surface cold, preventing second-degree burns from accidentally contacting the surface of space heater while it’s on.

Method of Heating— Radiation & Convection.

Item Dimensions— LxWxH 9.88 x 7.28 x 7.17 inches.

Main Power Switch— There is a switch behind the Warmool heater at the base that’s used to turn the heater on and off. This is ideal to keep kids safe because if it was just a button that’s easily accessible, one knows how kids get, they may take the space heater as a toy and end up burning themselves severely. Always use this switch when powering down and keep it out of reach.

ZPT Air filter— It has an antimicrobial air filter behind it that helps filter the air that the Warmool heater takes in, ensuring that the air flowing out the front is clean and devoid of microorganisms and dust particles that might cause the flu. No matter how little the dust particles are, the air filter will prevent them from entering the ventilation system.

Powerful Motor— It is equipped with a powerful electric motor which turns the fan at great speeds to provide sufficient air which is filtered and heated to help increase the temperature in the room, fans are only as useful as the motor which moves them, therefore, to get the best out of an “air conditioning” equipment, a powerful motor is ideal.

Power Output— When the Warmool heater is turned on, it generates between 800 and 1200 watts of electricity, which is great for warming up a room. No more frigid winter evenings in the room with the Warmool heater, which produces a lot of power for such a compact gadget.

Eco-friendly Timers— With the globe turning green in an attempt to counteract the impacts of global warming, the Warmool heater plays its part by including three distinct timer settings, each of which progresses by an hour, with the lowest setting being one hour. That means one may set the timer for when they want the space heater to turn off before going to bed, which will not only save energy but may even avoid a fire.

3 Heating modes—There are three temperature settings: low, high, and fan. All one has to do to change the temperature of their surroundings is by pressing the button and activating the setting. As a result, in a very chilly room, one would normally set the thermostat to high and let the room gradually warm up before lowering it to low if it became too warm. The fan setting just maintains the surroundings at “room temperature.”


  • The powerful heater that everyone wants to get their hands on.
  • Heats any room: Heats any room quickly and safely while saving electricity.
  • Plug the heater into any power outlet and it will turn on in 5 seconds. It works in 5 seconds or less.
  • 100% secure: Smaller than the ordinary radiator but equally powerful. Children and dogs are completely safe.
  • Very Simple to Use: Simply plug it in and push a button! It may be used by anybody, even children.
  • The Ideal Present: The ideal gift for family and friends!


The Warmool official web store is currently offering four different packages:

  • 1 for $69.95
  • 2 for $109
  • 3 for $149
  • And 5 for $199

Final Verdict

The Warmool is a mini-heater that serves just this function and does so effectively. The manufacturer has included a specific ceramic element for greater heat retention, which may hold the heat longer and so help the mini-heater perform better. In general, it is strongly advised to try out the Warmool once a buyer forms their own opinion. Visit Warmool Official Website Here

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