Warmool Heater Reviews UK (New Update): Don’t Spend A Dime On Warmool portable heater UK Till You Read This. 

Warmool Heater Reviews UK: Warmool Heater review has a customer rating of 4.8 over 5.0. It is one of the top trending portable heaters currently trending in the United Kingdom (UK).

When there’s a drop in temperature, either naturally, like in the winter or you work in a cold room at a grocery store, the cold has adverse side effects which can lead to health complications. Then came indoor heaters which help warm your room and offices during the winter, most of these heaters are electrical powered and some others are powered by coal & wood.

The only problem with this is, the heat does not disperse properly to all areas of the house, the heat is more concentrated around where the heat is installed, the Portable space heaters came along which allowed you get sufficient heat wherever you want by just plugging it into an outlet.

Amongst those space heaters, a brand that stands out is the Warmool heater.

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What is the Warmool heater? (Warmool Heater Reviews UK)

The Warmool heater is a type of Space heater that is super portable, when it’s working you barely hear the sound, which means you can get a good night’s rest if you’re using it in your room. It is super compact and easy to use.

The Warmool heater has several unique settings, which are used to regulate the temperature which it dispenses, there is a fan behind that sucks in air from outside, brings it inside the Warmool heater which is then heated and dispersed from the front end to help regulate the ambient temperature.

Technical specification of warm pool heater (Warmool Heat ater Reviews UK)

Ceramic exterior— It is encased in a ceramic material which makes it very sturdy, accidents can happen and your Space Heater may fall off your table, with this ceramic material you know it will limit the damage to your device significantly. Also, since ceramic is a poor conductor of heat, it helps the surface stay cool, so you don’t accidentally get second-degree burns by accidentally touching the surface of your space heater while it’s working.

Method of Heating— Radiation & Convection.

Item Dimensions— LxWxH 9.88 x 7.28 x 7.17 inches.

Power Output— It produces between 800- 1200 watts of power, which is ideal to warm up a room when the Warmool heater is working. For a device that’s so small to produce that amount of power is super impressive, no more freezing winter nights in your room with the Warmool heater

Eco-friendly Timers— With the world going green to try to reverse the effects of global warming, the Warmool heater does its part with the installation of three different timer settings, each setting progressing by an hour with the lowest setting being one hour. That means before you go to bed, you can set the timer for when you want the space heater to go off, which will not only save power but can also prevent a potential fire.

3 Heating modes— It has 3 temperature settings— Low, High, and Fan. Depending on the temperature in which you need your environment to be, all you gotta do is push the button and activate the setting. Therefore, for a very cold room, you would typically set the temperature at high and allow the room to gradually warm up, then maybe turn it back down to low when it gets too warm. The fan setting is just to keep the environment at “room temperature”.

Main Power Switch— There is a switch behind the Warmool heater at the base that’s used to turn the heater on and off. This is ideal to keep your kids safe because if it was just a button that’s easily accessible, you know how kids get, they may take the space heater as a toy and end up burning themselves severely. Always use this switch when powering down and keep it out of reach.

ZPT Air filter— It is equipped with an antimicrobial air filter behind which helps— you guessed it— it helps filter the air which the Warmool heater sucks in, that way the air coming out the front is clean and free of microbes and specs of dust that can cause the flu. No matter how tiny the specs of dust are, the air filter will stop it from getting into the ventilation system.

Powerful Motor— It is equipped with a powerful electric motor which turns the fan at great speeds to provide sufficient air which is filtered and heated to help increase the temperature in the room, fans are only as useful as the motor which moves them, therefore, to get the best out of an “air conditioning” equipment, a powerful motor is ideal.

Features Of Warmool heater (Warmool Heater Reviews UK)

Sleek Design— The Warmool heater has a super sleek design and silhouette that makes it ideal for tabletops, it looks great and can play off as an accessory for your homes and offices. Unlike most space heaters available which focus on functionality and ignore completely the aesthetic that they should provide, the Warmool heater is unique when it comes to its design.

On and Off Button— Besides the on and off switch behind this space heater, it has a delicate button that you can easily push to turn the device on and then off when you need to. You can turn the space heater on even in the dark, that’s how easy it is to operate, however, I suggest you don’t operate it in the dark though, please, don’t burn your house down.

LED Light— The Timer and Temperature settings are designed with a tiny LED Light at the side to let you know where the settings are and guide you through the selection. The Light is green and goes off completely when you power the device down.

Ultra Quiet— With a sound range under 55dB, the Warmool heater functions very quietly which makes it ideal for office space because since it’s a place of business, you wouldn’t want to disrupt productivity by being a nuisance. It is also great for your bedroom because it won’t disrupt your sleep, I don’t know about you but I cannot shut my eye if there’s any sort of noise going on in the background.

Tip over safety switch— The Warmool heater is equipped with a button at the base which causes the device to go off when it tips over for any reason whatsoever, it is ideal when you have pets in the house or even kids, you know how that crowd gets. This feature is super impressive because without it, when it tips over and keeps working, the heat from the space heater will gradually burn through your carpet and will inevitably lead to a fire.

Overheat protection— It is equipped with a circuit breaker which helps turn the device off and save it from damage when the internal temperature gets too high. Even as a heat source, when there’s excessive heat inside, the electrical components may melt and will cause the device to malfunction. You’d end up with a faulty space heater, and trust me, they are super expensive to fix.

Flame-resistant materials— If there is ever a fire, most of the material the Warmool heater is made with is fire resistant, which includes the massive ceramic in which it’s encased. If the fire is internal, however, I don’t think it would help much, you have to make plans for a new device.

5-second heat up— It takes only about 5-10 seconds for the space heater to increase in temperature, most heat sources need a bit of time to warm up sufficiently before they can dispense any kind of useful heat. With the Warmool heater, in a super cold room, all you have to do is turn it on and give it a minute or two and your room will be at the temperature you need.

Compact— It has a very compact aesthetic which makes it ideal to be kept on your bedroom dresser or table, it barely occupies space and the wire does not get in the way. You can easily fit this space heater in your bag if you need to travel with it, compactness is a super important attribute for electronic devices, as long as it does not affect functionality. And the Warmool heater checks both boxes.

Benefits Of Warmool Heater (Warmool Heater Reviews UK)

Below are some of the benefits of the Warmool Portable heater—


The Warmool heater is very convenient to use, you can carry it with you anywhere you need to, and the cable can fit into most outlets without being in the way. You can take it with you to work pretty easily and even on business trips or vacations, it doesn’t take much power and since it’s ultra quiet, it won’t disturb your night’s rest in any way. It filters the air if dispenses which protects you from bacteria and also eliminates odor.

Well, the last statement is sort of the same, bacteria cause odor but not in every situation.

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Easy to use.

All the buttons are pretty much self-explanatory, they are labeled with their function, the LED Light also makes it easy to pick a setting and tells you when it’s powered on. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree or any special training to operate one of these, as long as you know how to read and how to push buttons, you’re good.


The multiple safety features the Warmool heater has made it very safe for your home and workspace, there is a safety feature for if the space heater accidentally falls, the heatproof material protects from the internal heat, and the overheat feature trips off the device when the temperature gets too hot.

All these safety features keep you safe from Burn, Fire, and Wasting money I suppose.


It is very sturdy, the exterior at least. It can withstand a degree of manhandling which is a huge bonus if you’re using it in your home and you’ve got kids. When kids see something this sleek and compact, they see a toy, it doesn’t matter how much you reprimand them.

Luckily, the Warmool heater can take quite a beating due to its sturdiness.

Saves power.

Besides the timer function which helps you regulate the use of the space heater, the fact that the power consumption is low is also a bonus, because that way you don’t have super high light bills at the end of the month during the winter, because you will want to run the heater all day to stay warm.

Special functions of Warmool Heater (warm pool Heater Reviews UK)

  • Rapid, targeted, personalized heating
  • Convection ceramic heating technology
  • Antimicrobial filter that prevents bacteria, and odors
  • Energy-efficient, cost-saving heating solution

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Why buy the Warmool heater? (warmool Heater Reviews UK)

You should buy the Warmool heater because it will keep you warm during the harsh conditions of the winter and because you don’t want to get pneumonia because you wear it cheaply and stubbornly. There’s only so much your sweaters and thick clothing can do in cold temperatures, the most ideal thing would be to increase the ambient temperature, that way you get to take off your multiple layers of clothing and get some fresh air.

You get to sleep soundly at night, under your blanket without stressing about the cold, that’s why you should buy the Warmool heater.

Pros and Cons Of Warmool Portable Heater (warm pool Heater Reviews UK)

Warmool portable heater review: Pros

  • Rapid and personalized heating
  • Made with high-quality convection ceramic heating technology
  • Warmool comes with antimicrobial filters that prevent and eliminate dust, bacteria, and foul odors
  • The product is energy-efficient; draws very minimal electricity
  • It is easy to use and maintain
  • The device heats up within seconds only, unlike central heating which takes up to an hour to warm up the space
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Safety features
  • It is consumer friendly, and no there’s no technical know-how required to operate the device
  • 50% discount off the normal price
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free delivery

Warmool portable heater review: Cons

  • Product is only available for purchase online, on the official Warmool website
  • Delivery may take longer than it should
  • Limited product availability

Visit The Official Warmool heater Website To Make A Purchase At A Discount Price

Who Needs Warmool Heater? (warm pool Heater Reviews UK)

It is suited for everyone that simply hates the cold and wants to stay warm, it is suitable for professional workspaces, sitting rooms, and bedrooms. It can be used in lounges and bars, however, using it in a room with a large space isn’t ideal because there would be a lot of energy loss, the device is powerful but it has its limits.

Therefore, if you need to stay warm during the winter and you want to do so in the comfort of your bedroom, then the Warmool heater is suited for you,

What makes Warmool Portable Heater different from other similar products? (Warmool Heater Reviews UK)

In case you were wondering about the qualities that make the Warmool heater different from other models available on the market, here are a few.

Unique design.

The sleep silhouette and the general aesthetic of the Warmool heater are simply unique, from the inclusion of the ceramic exterior to minimize heat loss and protect you from burns to the Air filter which filters the air at a microbial level. All the components are not interchangeable with the parts of similar products, if you need any part replaced, then you have to purchase the exact ones from the manufacturer or a trusted vendor.


The size of the Warmool heater makes it one of the most portable space heaters on the market, it is barely the size of a football, and what is even better is the fact that it’s portable and does not draw away from the amount of power it produces. It’s simply amazing, if you’re like me and you don’t like bulky devices and you like to keep your table and countertops tidy, then you need to get this space heater.

Cost efficiency.

It is relatively way less expensive than other models of space heater which you find on the market, at a little under $100, for the level of comfort and heat which this provides, I would say the price is fair, other brands would charge you up to $200 and not deliver on all the features which they promised.

Not only is this cheaper, but the parts are also too quality which gives it longevity.

Where to Buy Warmool Heater? (Warmool Heater Reviews UK)

If you are interested in trying this heater, use the following link.

Visit The Official Warmool heater Website To Make A Purchase At A Discount Price

The only way to buy Warmool Heater is through the official website, as the company operates online and has no store. You may also not see anywhere in your local store or big eCommerce stores offering almost all products at ease of hand. Even if you see a similar type of heater or a heater with a similar name or packing, do not confuse it for a warm pool Heater. Due to the high sales, other companies are trying to take advantage and sell their counterfeit products under a similar name or packaging. Do not fall for these traps and book your orders through the official website only. 

As a part of its promotions, the company offers up to 50% off on its actual price. 

Warmool Heater Money-Back Offer 

The company is giving a 100% money-back guarantee on all orders of warm pool Heaters. The time required to enjoy this refund offer is 30 days which is enough to test this product. The company gives more value to customer satisfaction than its profits, and it is even more ready to experience a loss than lose a customer. 

Only those heaters purchased from the official Warmool Heater website will be considered for refunds. The company checks each refund request from its database, and it is processed after confirmation. If you have got this heater from any other source and still apply for a refund, the company will reject your request right away. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Warmool heater(Warmool Portable Heater Reviews UK).

Is the Warmool heater safe to use?

It is very safe to use, with all the safety features provided to protect you from the heat and yourself as well as from fires. The most impressive safety feature is the tip-over switch which causes the device to go off whenever it falls. It is also designed so you don’t burn yourself if you touch the body of the device, however, do not touch the surface in front of the space heater when it’s working, that’s where the heat comes from, and it surely will not end well.

Is it Warmool heater Voice activated?

No, no it is not. At least not the last time I checked, it is controlled by labeled buttons which can be found on the surface of the device. Although  I must admit, a voice-activated space heater would be amazing, you don’t have to stress yourself fiddling with the buttons when you can just yell at the device from across the room.

It may be a double-edged sword because, if you accidentally say the keyword during a conversation, all you’ll notice is that the temperature has risen, and you’re freaking out thinking there’s a heat wave not knowing it’s just your space heater wilding.

Where can I use the Warmool heater?

You can use it in your office at your workplace or your home office, by plugging it into an outlet and placing it on your table or keeping it under your desk if you need to warm up your legs, make sure you keep it away from flammable materials though, and that includes your clothes.

It can be used in your bedroom by placing it in the open on your dresser, again, away from your clothes and papers in order not to start a fire.

Since it’s portable, you can use it wherever you need, as long as there’s an outlet you can plug into.

Is the Warmool heater any good?

Yes, it is, it has so many great features which can not be overlooked, and for the number of benefits it has compared to the cost, it is worth every penny you spend on it. You get to stay warm in a quiet environment, at your own pace, however, you like.

Winter is coming, you need to get yourself one of these while they’re on sale, because not only are they good— they’re great, I know, I know. It sounds corny.

Final Verdict (Warmool Heater Reviews UK)

The Warmool heater is a great source of heat when you need it, the compactness, weight, sleek silhouette, and numerous safety fixtures make it ideal for homes even if you have kids.

Whether or not you’re going to purchase one of these after going through all that’s stated above is your decision to make, however, with the change of season upon us, it’s best to know your options and consider all of them to make the winter tolerable.

The Warmool heater will get the job done as far as space heaters go, and the fact that it is affordable is a bonus you should take advantage of, cheers and Goodluck!

Visit The Official Warmool heater Website To Make A Purchase At A Discount Price

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