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Vilky Dsouza, a successful PR specialist and the co-founder of Digilee Marketing

Vilky Dsouza

Gone are the days when marketing can be done only through newspapers, billboards, TV, radio. With the advent of social media, new strategies, techniques, and methods have been born in marketing. Along with them, the competition for a product had also risen drastically leaving people in a great dilemma. Then comes the role of digital marketing Experts and PR (Press Release) Experts, who help direct people to choose certain products. One such dynamic PR Expert is Vilky Dsouza.

Vilky Dsouza is a man of dreams and proved that age is just a number. This man in his early twenties acquired the experience of a sixty-year expert in the digital marketing field. It is inspiring to know about such young entrepreneurs instructing conglomerate businesses booming their brand values. It is noteworthy to mention his intellectual techniques and unique strategies.

Vilky is a leading Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Press Releases (PR) Expert surging ahead with a great force in digital marketing. This goal exhibits unique strategies in marketing attracting mega corporations to his plate. Vilky’s clients include renowned news websites like thrive, ABC News, Yahoo Finance, and many more.

He is also the co-founder of Digilee marketing, a digital marketing firm to help brands reach out to the public and increase the conversion rate. His digital marketing firm, Digilee marketing deals with the services like Press Releases/ news articles, driving product sales, social media marketing, YouTube marketing, music promotions, and Google AdWords.

 If you ask him what makes him unique about his strategies, he says ‘credibility’ with a big smile. Yes, credibility is all it takes to increase a product or business reach, to make people trust in you to your competition, and finally to boost the conversion, the final destination of any business. To make people trust your brand, you need to provide them with facts, testimonials, and much more and all of that in a single ad or blog.

Being a constant learner, he upgrades himself with new techniques and tries out various strategies of his own. He attends conferences and seminars to make sure his clients get the best results in a constantly evolving digital world. The digital world is in the safe hands of such young entrepreneurs.

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