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Vic Di Criscio’s Views on the Leading Tech Trends for Small Businesses

Vic Di Criscio

If you own a small company, the chances are you may not be willing to focus on technology at times says Vic Di Criscio. You often hear about how tech companies in Silicon Valley or New York City promise new inventions to the public to help them upgrade their business. But you may not be ready yet to care for those, thinking of various obstacles, such as cost. Still, it’s essential as a small business owner to know what those spearhead tech trends are so that you can do more research and study them to see which ones can impact your own small business. To reduce your stress, here are a few top picks.

The 5G technology

5G technology appeared in 2019, and it promises to be different from its predecessor 4G in various aspects, says Vic Di Criscio. While the main difference lies in the transmission speed, another notable feature is the reduction or complete absence of latency. It is essential to mention here that this new technology can offer faster speeds than LTE, which currently dominates the market. Leading telecommunication brands believe that this technology will help facilitate the widespread adoption of IoT (internet of things). Although there is a lot of hype, 5G technology is under testing before it opens for public use.

HR tech

The advent of telecommuting has changed the business world in numerous ways affecting productivity, culture, engagement, and more. There is a need for efficient technology to help businesses overcome these challenges. If you implement this technology in your business, you can better manage your employees and their needs. You can think of a centralized HR information model, for instance. It can address all the concerns around their orientation.

Remote hiring

As Vic Di Criscio rightly mentions, people moved out of urban areas in the pandemic-hit world. The developing remote work culture allowed companies to save money. But hiring new employees from a remote place is not that easy unless there is a proper onboarding process. It is necessary to help new hires get acclimatized to the company’s culture and understand their roles and responsibilities faster without connecting personally. So if you start using a software solution that takes care of this part, a lot of your tension will be under control. As a small business, you can use this technology to help your people know who does what in the company and who they should connect with when needed.

Like these, there are multiple technologies that you can integrate into your business to streamline your systems and processes. If you don’t know which solutions would cater better, you can consult the experts from your business community. They can give you a clear picture of your business’s requirements. Of course, it will have a cost, but the results can potentially exceed your expectations. You can focus on growing your business even more. Once you invest in the right strategy, productivity and revenue growth may leave you stunned. At the same time, technology is the need of the hour and if you wish to compete, you have to be wise with your decisions.

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