Trust Trade Finance 2022 Review: A Platform and Investment Firm focused high ROI

The year 2021 has shown that cryptocurrency trading has enormous potential. Once thought to be just simple gambling, cryptocurrencies and digital assets now offer high returns that far exceed those of traditional bank investments. Although this form of investment is characterized by high volatility, the entry of institutional investors into the market is certainly a sign that it is worth getting in. In this article, we will introduce you to one of the largest investment platforms, Trust Trade Finance, through which you can make significant profits in a short time.

What is Trust Trade Finance?

Trust Trade Finance, established in the United Kingdom, is a registered cryptocurrency and digital asset investment firm and platform. The company focuses on multiple markets using powerful trading strategies to achieve high and fixed interest returns.

What does Trust Trade Finance offer?

Investing and saving is possible through the platform. In both cases, predefined amounts are deposited into the virtual account, which then grows at predefined rates. The system is designed to provide a great opportunity for everyone, from those looking to invest as little as $1,000 to investors looking for a larger business opportunity.

Standard Investments

  • The Basic plan allows you to invest $1,000 per day with an investment return rate of 16.5 percent. This plan has a seven-day duration and a $5,000 maximum deposit. 
  • The Standard plan begins with a $6,000 investment that grows at a rate of 6% every day. The plan lasts 30 days and you can deposit up to $19,000. After a month, you may expect an 80 percent return on your investment.
  • The Advanced plan will demand a minimum investment of $20,000 at a daily rate of 6.5 percent. With a duration of 40 days, this plan is the most comprehensive. It also offers a $1,000,000 maximum deposit and a 160 percent return on investment.

From the above, it is clear that the offers are aimed at a diverse group of investors and large retail investors. Each of these plans guarantees a multiple of the bank interest rates available on the market – so it is no coincidence that J.P. Morgan is offering this option to its investors from September 2021.

Project Investments

The projects selected by Trust Trade Finance are specialized financial products that offer a unique, unmatched opportunity for those looking to hold a larger portfolio for a longer time. They currently offer opportunities in real estate finance and livestock farming, all ranging from 35-70% (within 7-11 months of investment time).

Is my investment safe?

Given the significant volatility of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, it’s reasonable to wonder how Trust Trade Finance can provide assured profits. A team with decades of investment experience is behind it, having designed and managed a diversified portfolio that can withstand stock market and crypto volatility. The company also includes a number of other financial instruments in the portfolio, which increase the long-term appreciation potential of the investment with lower volatility.

The UK-based Lloyd’s, one of the world’s leading insurance companies, provides free insurance for every investment account opened at Trust Trade Finance. Depending on the location, investors can receive up to 1,000,000 GBP/USD/EUR/AUD in coverage.

How do I open an account?

If you don’t want to miss this unique investment opportunity, you can start the registration process to open an investment account by clicking on the “Get Started” button on the Trust Trade Finance website.

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