Top 7 Brands Of Motorbikes Not Made In China That Safe For Users 

There are a ton of different motorbike brands all over the world available if you’re looking to buy one. However, due to several restrictions, Chinese automakers are hardly well-liked by consumers worldwide. In order for users to understand properly if they do not want to buy, we will list brands of motorbikes not made in China today.

Brands of motorbikes not made in China

1. Honda

We begin our list with one of the most inspirational motorcycle brands, Honda, which definitely brands of motorbikes not made in China. Honda’s history starts with the production of piston rings during World War II. Unfortunately, the war decimates the firm, forcing founder Soichiro Honda to sell his failing corporation. Nearly giving up, the creative engineer creates Honda Motor Co. with the money from the sale and begins making motorized bicycles.

Honda has evolved from its small beginnings to become the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Honda has sold more than 300 million motorcycles worldwide since its founding. Given its popularity and sales, Honda might be regarded as one of the world’s top motorbike manufacturers.

2. Yamaha

The second motorbike not made in China manufacturer on our list is Yamaha. The largest piano maker in the world split off to form the Yamaha motorbike plant. The world’s second-largest motorbike manufacturer right now is Yamaha. Yamaha motorcycles may have the most fans of any motorcycle brand.

All types of motorbike enthusiasts are catered to by Yamaha. Yamaha motorbikes cover a wide range of riding styles, so whether you prefer sportbike riding, off-road adventures, or road riding, there’s a Yamaha motorcycle for you. Starting with the iconic PW50 for the kids to the $3 million, 1700cc V-twin, 24-karat gold Yamaha Roadster Chopper for the connoisseur with the big wallet.

3. Suzuki

Motorbikes not made in China manufacturers, Suzuki, like Yamaha, didn’t begin as a motorcycle company. Nevertheless, the company was resurrected after World War II because of the success of their motorized bicycle. Suzuki produced only two-stroke motorcycles up to the early 1970s. The GT750 was the largest capacity two-stroke Suzuki ever produced.

Suzuki became the first Japanese company to use a 250CC to win the motocross world championship in 1970. Suzuki also won the 500CC class in motocross and road racing that same year.

The hidden weapon of the motorbikes manufacturers is Suzuki’s sports bikes. Sport bikes don’t make up a significant portion of the motorcycle market internationally, but one in every four Suzukis sold is a sports bike. The Suzuki GSX-R, also known as a “mixer,” is available in various displacements. Those who enjoy riding motorbikes adore them all. The GSX1300R Hayabusa, one of the quickest two-wheelers available off the shelf, is also sold by Suzuki.

4. Kawasaki

With Kawasaki, we compete with the Japanese Big Four, which are some of the biggest motorcycle brands in the world and the country’s largest motorcycle manufacturers.

Kawasaki began its career as an aircraft producer. As a result, the gasoline tank of some of their vintage motorcycles bears an emblem reading “Kawasaki Aircraft.”

Another well-known motorbike manufacturer for its sports bikes is Kawasaki. Nearly everyone knows Kawasaki for its renowned Ninja line. The majority of these motorbikes are swift, nimble, and brilliant green. Many riders have fallen in love with these motorbikes, and many track racing stars have been launched by them.

5. Harley Davidson

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harley-Davidson was established in 1903. Over the past century, the motorbike brand has gone through many changes. But eventually, it triumphed, gaining a devoted following all over the world, multiple owner clubs, international events, and a large range of goods. Harley-Davidson is undoubtedly the most well-known and maybe the biggest motorbike brand in the world.

The chopper fashion was made possible by the Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Harley-Davidson motorcycles were initially huge displacement cruiser-style vehicles. The Harley-Davidson Street 750 and 500, however, helped the company more recently warm up to the smaller displacement market.

Moreover, the LiveWire is an electric motorcycle made by Harley-Davidson that is intended for use in urban and off-road environments.

Whether you prefer street motorbikes, electric motorbikes, or large-capacity adventure motorbikes, Harley-Davidson is a well-known motorbike brand that stays true to its roots as a strong, all-American, chrome-decked bike.

6. Ducati

One of those motorbike brands that people fall in love with is Italian Ducati. Ducati successfully combines form and function in their motorcycles. Motorbikes that are quick and expertly constructed emerge as works of contemporary art. To top it off, all Ducatis are still produced by hand in Italy, just like authentic Italian nonnas never change their recipes. So surely Ducati motorbikes not made in China, buyers can set your mind at rest.

One of the leading motorbike manufacturers that has had significant success in racing is Ducati. This strengthened the brand’s position in the minds and ears of riders. The distinctive sound of Ducati’s patented V-twin engines adds to the appeal of the company. Even some devotees think that Ducati motorcycles are the only ones with souls!

As the uncontested king of style, Ducati is the brand to choose if you want a motorcycle that makes a statement in addition to being a motorcycle.

7. BMW

Since 1923, BMW Motorrad has been making motorbikes. It has produced reliable, well-engineered motorcycles for many years.

At one point, approximately a third of all BMW sales were made up of the R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure. There will always be a dispute about whether or not these motorbikes are the best for traveling the globe. One thing is for certain, though: they promote BMW as one of the top motorbike brands available in the adventure market.

BMW is renowned for its well-built sports motorbikes, sport-tourers, urban motorbikes, and street bikes in addition to its adventure craze. BMW is the way to choose if you want status, outstanding engineering, and a motorcycle brand name that stands on its own.


With the top manufacturers that motorbikes not made in China here, you’re one step closer to discovering the ideal two-wheeler. There is a wide selection to choose from, and every motorbike brand offers something special. It may be dependability, functionality, style, design, or a combination of these, and in the end, it’s up to you to decide what works best.

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