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Tips to Raise Well-Mannered Children by Dax Cooke

The way your child behaves says a lot about your parenting. It says a lot about the values that you have instilled in your child. In this guide, Dax Cooke takes you through a few tips to help you raise well-mannered children. 

How to Raise Well-Mannered Children by Dax Cooke

Here are a few tips to help you raise well-mannered children. 

1. Start Young 

Teach them manners right when they are young. The earlier you begin, the better the chances they retain what you teach them. So try to get them started with the basics very early on. 

2. Praise Your Child

Every time you see your child doing something praiseworthy, say a few nice words to them. When you do that, it encourages them to do better. Kids love it when their parents motivate them to do better. 

4. Spend Time with Your Child 

Spend time with your child every day. Even if you give ten minutes of your day to doing something that you both love to do, you will see how it makes your child so much happier. It reinforces good behavior. The more attention you give your child, the better they learn. So try to give your child all they need to know to help them. 

5. Be Clear with Instructions 

Always give your child clear instructions on what you expect from them. When you do that, you will see that there are no doubts in your child’s head. This will encourage them to do better as well. Dax Cooke says that without any misunderstandings, your child will learn how to do things the right way, which is also what is expected from them. 

6. Nurture Empathy 

Teach your child how to be nice to others around them by truly understanding how they are feeling at a certain point in time. Encourage your child to talk about how they feel. Then, if a conflict happens, teach them how to make amends. When you do that, you will notice how your child starts understanding what you are saying in the best possible way and focuses on doing things correctly. 

7. Give them Reasons 

Instead of just ordering your children around about what they should do, try giving them reasons. When you do that, your child will understand why they are being told to do something. That way, they will do it with all their heart in it, which will make them much clearer too. 

8. Shower them with Love

If you wish to raise loving children, then shower your child with love too. Dax Cooke says that in things you do daily, try to be as positive as you can. Even the smallest acts of love can make your child feel on top of the world. 

9. Be a Role Model 

If you wish to teach your child something, you must first do it yourself and set a good example. 

Final Words by Dax Cooke

With these actionable tips by Dax Cooke on raising well-mannered children, you will notice how things turn out in the best way for you. 

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