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Guide to Sustainable Farming by Dax Cooke

Industrial farming, while highly effective, has its own set of downsides- it can be detrimental to the environment in the long run. It pollutes water, air, and soil and also destroys wildlife. This is why there is a dire need to understand more about sustainable farming and how it works. In this guide, Dax Cooke takes you through what sustainable farming really is and how it can work. 

What You Must Know About Sustainable Farming by Dax Cooke 

Here are a few essential things that you must know about sustainable farming. 

1. Sustainable Farming Is Great for Human Health 

One of the best things about sustainable farming is that it is extra healthy. The crops you get from sustainable farming are free from pesticides and fertilizers. Overall, the methods used are great for human health and can help reduce the risk of diseases. Crop rotation is also done in a very thoughtful manner in sustainable farming, which is a major contributor to good health. 

2. Sustainable Farming Is Great for the Environment 

Global warming has done enough damage to the environment, leading to an overall rise in temperature and also the emission of greenhouse gases. Sustainable farming can help with this greatly since you don’t have to burn old crops for new ones. It also helps reduce air pollution greatly. Dax Cooke says that the massive number of benefits of sustainable farming makes it a much better way of farming. People who haven’t shifted to these methods should do so soon after gaining the required knowledge they need for this. 

3. Sustainable Farming is Relatively Expensive 

Sustainable farming methods require more labor hours, which is why it is also more expensive. Having said that, it also has great long-term benefits, which is why many farmers today are considering the shift to these newer methods. Sustainable farming is also about reducing waste as much as possible, as one of the most important things. 

4. Educating Farmers is Important 

While sustainable farming is great for overall human health, it is important to educate farmers about this more. When they understand more about sustainable farming, they can work towards this in the best possible way. There need to be more seminars and workshops arranged for farmers. Dax Cooke says they can only change their way of doing things when they have ample knowledge about what is expected. 

5. Sustainable Farming is Possible in Developing Countries 

While sustainable farming is all about using advanced methods to help produce crops, it can also be done in developing countries. In developing countries, labor is available in abundance, which means that it becomes even easier to make use of these practices. The best thing that comes out of this is that it creates jobs for so many others, making this a win-win situation for most. 

Final Words by Dax Cooke 

With ample know-how of sustainable farming and its importance, as pointed out by Dax Cooke, farming can be transformed entirely. This can lead to a great shift in the way of doing things. 

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