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6 Farming Myths Debunked by Dax Cooke

For those who are new to farming, you might have misconceptions in your mind about what farming is all about and what you might be expected to do. In this guide, Dax Cooke takes you through a few farming myths so that you can better understand them. 

Debunking Farming Myths by Dax Cooke

Here are a few commonly held beliefs about farming that are far from being true. 

1. The Majority of Farms are Corporate Owned 

Many people believe that most farms are owned by large corporations. The truth is that there are so many family-owned farms in the world. They are all being run by generations of families that have a massive experience with farming and are doing a really great job with it too. 

2. Farmers are Uneducated 

Many people also believe that farmers have little to no formal education, and they use practices they are aware of without really understanding the pretext behind those. This is not true in most cases. There are farmers who have attended college and have taken up this route by choice. They take pride in being farmers and put in a lot of hard work too. 

3. Farming Is Concerned with Food Only 

While milk, eggs, and chickens do come from farms primarily, this is not all that farming is about. There are a lot of other products that come from farming too. These include candles, lip balms, toothpaste, and so on. Dax Cooke says that as a farmer, you need to have ample idea about what this is first before you start stepping foot in the field. 

4. Agriculture Is All About Traditional Farming 

While traditional farming methods are widely used, technology has led to massive changes in the way things are. Scientific innovations have enabled farmers to become much better at their work. As a result, modern farming methods lead to much better yields and much more efficient ways of working too. 

5. Farming Is Bad for the Environment 

Many believe that farming is not good for the environment. While certain farming methods aren’t very healthy, many modern-day farmers are using earth-friendly sustainable methods today. These are helping them work towards things in a much better way. In fact, the methods that they are using are actually much better for soil health, too, says Dax Cooke. 

6. Chemicals Make Food Unsafe for Consumption 

Much of what we eat comes from farms, and farmers use several chemicals to grow crops. Many believe that the chemicals they use contaminate the food and lead to many problems with overall health. It is beneficial to know that there are strict regulatory requirements that they have to comply with when using chemicals. Dax Cooke says that farmers first prioritize safety before picking chemicals they wish to use. 

Final Words by Dax Cooke 

With these doubts about farming cleared, you must have much greater know-how about farming. If you wish to step foot into this field, you must first have the knowledge you need. 


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