Think Big, Work Hard, and the Results Come: Net Kohen, the Founder of NXTGEN, Shares his Success Story.

Net Kohen

If you have a dream, make it the biggest one, work hard for it, and the results will come. That’s what the young entrepreneur Net Kohen, who at the age of 20 owns a large application development company, has put into practice. Thinking big means always looking to be the one who is in charge of your business.

Net took his first steps as an entrepreneur at a very young age. In high school, he made hundreds of thousands of dollars with his companies. There is no doubt that in his head was always the idea of having his own company, where he could be the one directing the actions. At the age of 13, he created a Minecraft server and continued to generate thousands of dollars in income.

The path that the young technology and business lover was heading towards led him to success at a very young age. By the time he was 14, he was designing and developing the websites of local companies, and he was still growing and gaining new experiences in his life.

At the age of 16, he felt well prepared to found his company, and so NXTGEN was born. He gathered a team of developers and started working with applications for mobile devices. It only took him three years to get his dream started: to have his company and hire developers to work on his ideas, and to stop working on someone else’s.

20 Years and a Seven Figure Company

Today Net is 20 years old, and his 4-year-old  company already has a 7-figure turnover. It is something that the history of this young man would have predicted. When at 13 you already have earnings that exceed those of any ordinary job, something very strange has to happen for you not to become a young millionaire.

When his first app came out, it was a huge success. His idea to bring nightlife into an app revolutionized the city. Soon everyone was using it, putting Kohen and his company in the sights of many entrepreneurs and personalities. With this app, you could easily tell which party or club was near you, and in a city like Miami with so much movement, that’s vital.

After his big debut in the app world, celebrities from all over the city and its surroundings started contacting him. The path to success was being paved, all thanks to having a definite idea and working hard to achieve it.

In Net’s process, success was achieved with some obstacles that had to be overcome. However, his greatest strength is always being able to find a way forward. Knowledge is his strongest weapon. In front of each challenge, he has shown a high capacity to overcome it, resulting in a remarkable improvement within his company.

His Capacity To Make The Company Grow

The objective that has moved Net since he was young is to create a company with workers that allow it to dedicate itself to what it knows: the commercial area. This is what he is just as passionate as technology about. He keeps his team working on his ideas, while he dedicates himself to making the company grow.

His connections and vision of the business give him the tools to achieve what he has set out to do. That’s why, today, NXTGEN is more than a company dedicated to creating apps. Of course, it is still its main engine, but Kohen has completely broadened its vision.

He now works in marketing and public relations. Some people may think that this is not an app company, but that’s not true. Net’s company works with making apps for celebrities, and that’s where the idea of providing a complete service comes from.

We have seen that it is not only Net’s talent in technology that has guided him to success, but his excellent business vision has been fundamental as well. Once a person understands that a business must keep growing and expanding, they will start to succeed.

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