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Think Outside The Box And The Results Will Be Big: Andrea Bosetti And His Path To International Digital Marketing

International Digital Marketing

One of the purposes of many entrepreneurs is to expand their business. Crossing borders with your company and being recognized internationally can be a big challenge that not many know how to deal with and even more that they do not manage to achieve. However, people like Andrea Bosetti work hard every day to achieve this. In an era of communicational transformation, taking your business to another level is one of your biggest goals.

Digital marketing expert, social media trainer, economy and market specialist, entrepreneur and family man are the titles with which the life of Andrea Bosetti could be qualified, a passionate about digital marketing, who managed to build his project based on his experience and achieve success.

Although for himself it is only the beginning of his goals, Andrea has managed to grow in an exponential way throughout his life. Marketing has always been linked to his experience and has allowed him to enjoy different facets. From being a public relations and event organizer, to becoming a marketing director and founder of one of the most important companies in his career: Coverstore, a cell phone accessory store chain.

This was one of the biggest steps Andrea has taken in the world of marketing. Coverstore was founded in 2013 with two partners and a budget of 9000 euros. A couple of months later and with Andrea intervening in almost all the creation, design and marketing process, it raised its turnover to 12 thousand pesos, and grew with more than 100 branches.

After the sale of this company in 2018. Andrea advanced in his objectives and founded a real estate agency called AGL ASTE IMMOBILIARI, this company achieved more than 60 affiliations and obtained a turnover of 1.5 million.

Although he continues his work in the agency, Andrea’s focus is entirely on Digital Marketing Mind. This is an academy specialized in social media aimed at training, guiding and consulting individuals and companies on the potential of social media and providing all the resources to communicate effectively and profitably.

With a view to growth

Digital Marketing Mind, started its functions in 2018. In just one year it managed to train more than 700 companies and provide consulting services to more than 30 companies. The biggest differentiation is that it provides accurate services, based on concrete data and with a unique working model in the market.

This is not enough for Andrea who, from his growth mind, has set himself and his team the goal of doubling his numbers by 2020.

Moving forward in difficult times

Just when he was about to start a better year, the arrival of the COVID-19 to the world represented a difficult moment. However, crises are opportunities for true leaders. Instead of backing down or paralyzing their purposes, Andrea considers the possibilities of going further.

In April, at the height of the pandemic, Andrea’s academy was able to double its training and advance its services. This was achieved thanks to the dedication and effort of his entire team, which under his direction adapted to the commitment to continue even in difficult times.

Crossing borders

Believing that everything is possible if you put your mind to it and work for it is what Andrea has shown can lead you to success. At present, together with his team, he has set himself the challenge of taking his academy to cross international borders.

To do so, he has decided to transform his business model and adapt it to different languages, so that companies and people from different parts of the world can have the possibility of accessing his services and implementing the theoretical and practical techniques that he develops from his experience.

Andrea as a professional and as a person, is a clear example of the importance of focusing on your purposes and working with a clear goal. Even in difficult times, persistence, constancy and effort have given him key results to continue and have the possibility to grow even outside his borders, taking calculated risks and with enough previous preparation to face it successfully. 

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