The Conviction of Achieving a Dream: How Javed Khan Reached $352,000.00 in his First Year of operation at just 21 years old

21 years old

During the journey of life, various obstacles can complicate the journey a little. However, when one keeps the firm conviction of being able to achieve the dream, the obstacles are not invincible, but part of the way.

A vision of achievement is the stimulus and motivation to continue the journey regardless of the adversities because it is the constancy and perseverance that makes the difference between the different people. That is why Javed Khan has managed to achieve success, with only 21 years of age and a great conviction and vision of achievement has made him stand out in his work.

Javed Khan is a student born in London, with a self-taught spirit and a great vision of foreign exchange trading and entrepreneurship. He was a pizza delivery man from Domino`s when he was only 18 years old, besides that he was studying science at the university.

Like most young Javed’s had a dream to change his lifestyle, to be able to support his family. So, after stumbling into online trading in late 2016 while still in college, Javed faces his first obstacle to overcome, his trading account, investing all his savings and losing them on his first try.

Constancy and Perseverance to Succeed

Well, without any knowledge of the online markets and receiving bad financial advice from unreliable sources, Javed manages to lose all his savings in just hours. However, this was not a reason to stop, because with his great success mentality he thought “if I can lose everything through trading, I can also gain it back through the same trading”.      

Without stopping at how risky this could be, Javed invests a much larger sum than the initial one. This money was from his father’s savings, who had it in his account, for college expenses. With the highest expectations, he invested in the online markets, and just like the first time he lost the money again.

With a lot of stress because of the failure of his investment the young man, with a lot of debt because he had spent his father’s money and the money that his friends lent him, and with no idea what to do. He set out to recover the money he had lost, a total of £20,000.    

Taking a part-time job as a pizza delivery boy and alternating his attendance at school, he began working to make up for the money he had lost. He started to decrease his class attendance since he had to divide his time between work and study, the latter being the affected one.

However, he did not give up and continued to work based on achieving the goal. Considering that the only way to get out of the abyss where he had fallen was the same way he could use to get out of there, with online trading.

Achieving positive results this time, not only doubling his investment but being able to recover his father’s money and his friends’ money. Not giving up in the face of adversity was what made Javed Khan achieve his long-desired dream.

Always Aiming at Success

Eager to achieve more Javed, devoted himself entirely to the foreign exchange trading business becoming one of the youngest leading entrepreneurs. On top of that, he is currently a top-class educator and signal provider.

Similarly, he has become a world-class educator of NFX, being ranked as the number 1 trader on the various NFX platforms. Also, after being able to pay his father back, Javed bought his first car, an Audi which he paid for in cash.

 He had the car customized so that it would stand out in the dark on the wide streets of the city. On the other hand, he bought a villa in Dubai at only 20 years old, he has become one of the biggest foreign exchange trading entrepreneurs.

 A young man who went from losing all his money in the market, to being a pizza delivery man, to being able to live in Dubai, buying a villa and very luxurious cars. With a lot of effort and work, Javed Khan has achieved great business success.

He sees himself in the future, managing to increase his financial capabilities to put all his friends and family on a pedestal. In this way, they would not have to worry about financial needs again, this as a thank you for always being by their side in the most difficult times. 

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